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Daily Chores for Kids

If we are being honest with ourselves, no one enjoys doing chores. Kids especially don't enjoy doing chores! However, kids need to have chores to teach them responsibility and it helps teach them to properly care for their own stuff. Getting your children to do chores is sometimes a chore in itself. So, how do we get kids to do chores without making it a fight? It's actually pretty easy – most of the time!

Make the Chores Age and Skill Appropriate

The chores you select for your child need to be age-appropriate.  This way their attention span will be kept and it is a task they can complete and feel good about themselves at the same time.  You can download my suggested chores sheet by clicking on the image!

Make it Fun

When you are first teaching little ones about chores, make it fun! Try starting off with something simple like let's see how many toys we can pick up in 2 minutes.  Or do the 10 seconds tidy like Loonette on Big Comfy Couch ;).  Not sure if you all remember that but I can think back to the days of my little sister is obsessed with that show.

Create a Chart (or buy one)

Creating a chore chart is a nice visual that will allow your child to see what he or she is supposed to be doing.  I took the easy route and bought a responsibility chart and we change it up every week to keep things interesting.

Give an Allowance

Not everyone agrees with giving children an allowance and that is ok. However, if you are open to it then let your child know what they receive every week for completing their chores and what the consequence is if they don't.

Do Not Waiver

As parents, it is easy for us to just do the chores for the child. We want it done right so we do it. If at all possible avoid doing this. You might have to help your child get it right but you truly are helping them by sticking to the plan.

I find the best way for them to learn is by setting a good example and showing them that we put the effort in and so should they!

How do you delegate chores in your house?

Laura Cyra:

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  • I wrote a very similar post about this the other day. I pointed out that kids can start doing chores even as young babies once they start walking.

    All kids need to know the value of hard work and responsibilities.

  • We have always had our kids do chores too. For 14 plus years now, our family cleans the whole house together once a week (in less than an hour) I love your advice...do not waiver :) We have never skipped a week. Our kids now LOVE our weekly cleaning night. It has become an event in our house that they look forward to. Three are adults that no longer live at home and they come home many weeks to still be part of our weekly tradition. The life lessons and bonding you get out of this are endless (not to mention the clean house) It's worth building!!

  • When our kids have some duties they will grow up to be good people who know what they need, what they want and they will respect each other. I believe that what our kids learn at home they will respect in their adult life. That list you've prepared should be hanging at the fridge so the kids can read it often.

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