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The first Apple HomeKit supported security camera was released by D-Link at the end of February and all I can say is wow!  I honestly was taken back by the features they’ve packed into this Omna 180 Cam HD.

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The fact that the kids are getting older, we vacation a lot and Frank has a shift-work schedule is a reason why we wanted to take home security seriously.  Safety was our main concern as the kids are able to stay home alone plus it is nice to know what’s going on at home when we’re away.  We needed a solution that was easy to set up and we could easily monitor while away from the home.

When the D-link Omna arrived at the door I was pleasantly surprised at the small package, it is hard to believe a camera that has this many options was so small.  Packed securely in the foam we found our new little buddy – the D-link Omna 180 Cam HD.  Along with the camera, you’ll find a micro-USB cable fixed to an AC adapter that is as long as I’m tall, plus a quick start guide and warranty info booklet.
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Features of D-Link Omna

Omna’s HomeKit integration allows users to be “always home”. The 180 Cam HD is a great addition to automating the home including turning on lights and alarms with the motion detection features.

It takes seconds to set up the Omna, use the camera on your phone with the Omna and/or Home app to add the Omna as a unique HomeKit accessory.  The functions and features included in this unit are pretty remarkable:

  • Image Sensor – 3MP progressive CMOS
  • Wireless Compatibility – 802.11n dual band, 802.11g/b easily connected to the Time Capsule in our house
  • Compatible with Apple devices including the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch that supports iOS 10.1 and higher. You’ll need an Apple TV with tvOS 10.1 or later OR an iPad or iPhone with iOS 10.1 or later to act as a hub and use the remote function.

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  • Video Playback – the microSD slot located under the camera allows for local storage of recordings giving you easy access to playback features within the app or by removing to view on your computer.  The supported capacity of up to 128GB with MP4 video at maximum resolution 1920x1080p with full HD at 30 FPS.
  • Night Vision – you can easily see up to 16 feet in pitch black conditions thanks to dual infrared sensors.
  • Motion detection – this feature is automatically on when setting up the camera, you can easily drag or tap areas within the screen to detect motion and set the sensitivity from high to low.  There is a motion re-trigger delay option that can be set to 30 seconds, 1, 3 or 5-minute intervals.
  • See, hear and talk – D-Link has taken “always home” to the next level with a built-in microphone and speaker allowing two-way audio to making your presence felt even when you’re away.

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Is the D-Link Omna 180 HD worth buying?

The compact size of 5.2” x 2.28” this D-Link Omna is ready to wow you with the 180° horizontal image and video in full HD.  Once you have two-factor authentication setup on your Apple device to create your hub accessing the D-link Omna 180 HD is simple day or night!  The hub is important because without you can’t access the camera while you’re away so the Apple TV or iPad you set up needs to always be at home.


  • Motion Detection Settings – with the featured turned on you are instantly notified with a snapshot on your iPhone or iPad
  • 180° wide-angle-lens – you can easily see a full room with just this one camera including vertical 66° and 180° diagonally angles
  • HomeKit encryption
  • Night Vision
  • No cloud storage fees


  • Only works with Apple devices
  • No sound activation notifications

In my opinion, you would only purchase the D-Link Omna 180 HD to work in unison with your Apple HomeKit.  I love how easy the app is to use and access from anywhere in the world!  Pretty neat when you think about it, I can see if the kids are watching tv instead of doing their homework or if LouLou is brave enough to lay on the furniture while we’re out.

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For the feeling of security and being “always home” the D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD is the perfect addition to your Apple HomeKit.  With a purchase price of $269.95 CAD at an Apple store, this camera is priced competitively.  For me knowing that I can easily access the camera and get motion detection notifications is important to me, whether I'm at home or anywhere in the world.


  1. I LOVE IT. The night vision part is really cool. I had something similar here that I was using for a while in my office and I really liked it. It seems to no longer be pairing well with Bluetooth here though. So that is a bit of a drag. I like having the option of seeing into the house when I am away at a conference or just away during the day. This is a camera I know I would use and like.
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  2. I would want this to see what my dog is up to when we are not int he room. We video taped him once. He was on the couch, not allowed. Heard the key and went to the floor. Over and over. It was funny.

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