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Pocket Swank

A New Way to Discover Refreshingly Useful and Profoundly Unique Accessories That Simplify Your Mobile Lifestyle is what PocketSwank is all about!  They are a quarterly subscription box service for mobile device and lifestyle accessories.  You can stay in the know on the latest mobile trends and get hands-on reviews detailing the brands and products.  They're up front so there are no hidden costs, BS or fluff all no-nonsense and catering to you the customer.  I know it's like they actually care, I couldn't believe it when I read that 😉 .

Let PocketSwank be your Curator of Accessories for the World's Finest Mobile Devices!

So what is Pocket Swank?

PocketSwank is a quarterly subscription box service featuring unique and practical accessories that simplify your mobile lifestyle. Each quarter, you'll receive an email detailing our latest box that will auto-ship to your door. Choose to ship, skip, or swap for something else. Shipping is always free and there's never an obligation. Cancel anytime.  Serious you have all the control!

PocketSwank Members have access to individual products as well and can easily make purchases by entering your email. Not ready to subscribe? Make one-time purchases on products until you're ready to join the club.

Discover Pocket Swank

How Pocket Swank Works

  1. Discover new products that suit your mobile lifestyle.
  2. Subscribe and create your profile. They'll ship your first box out in a couple of days.
  3. On the 1st of every quarter, they'll announce the latest box via email that will auto-ship to your door. Remember you can let it ship, swap it for another, or skip at no charge.

Quarters are based on a standard year and run:

  • Jan – March
  • April – June
  • July – September
  • October – December


Once you subscribe make sure you keep an eye on your email so you can control what arrives by post because it is all about YOU and bringing you the latest and greatest accessories for your mobile lifestyle.  You never know what might arrive from headphones to unique cases they'll find the accessory to match your lifestyle needs!


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