Credit Crunch Conundrum


Annoyingly in this day and age your credit dictates so much in your life. If you have bad credit, you will surely notice it. You will get worse deals, less payment options and no ability to get things on finance and benefit from credit cards. There are many ways you can ruin a credit score, yet only a few ways to make it better again. If you are looking to buy a house or make a significant purchase then you need to spend some time on your credit rating. The better it is the better deal you can get, more money means a nicer home or a better car. You may have considered some of these tips already, but pay heed to some of the other ones as they could help you make the most of your credit rating and get it to where it needs to go.

In the first instance you need to know what your credit rating is. There are many services out there that can help you monitor your rating. There are also services which can actually get your rating higher, known as rescue agencies. You can use these for a fee, you need to ensure you do your research and ensure you stick to well reviewed agencies for the better chances of success. You can’t just take these services out and think it is enough though, you still need to do it yourself and take steps to ensure it heals.

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You need to manage your debt. If you have lots and are in trouble of missing payments you need to take steps against this. Each payment you miss means another bad mark on your application form. You can stop this by taking a consolidation loan. It may seem counterproductive, but it will allow you to pay off your debtors and pay one payment each month back to the lending bank which makes a big difference to how you are perceived by lenders down the line.

You need to ensure you are registered to an address. This is usually done through your voting registration. Check it and ensure you are. It can lift your credit rating by a decent amount because it means you are traceable to an address and as such easier to lend to. You can check this on your credit check software. It may take a while to appear so give it time.

Another sure fire way to increase your rating is by getting a credit card. With it you must make small payments, and then pay the card off right away. It increases your credit rating no end. Just be sure to pay it off otherwise it will count as a late payment. It may sound counterproductive but it is a good thing to do because people with no credit rating are worse than people with a slightly bad one, so do this to increase yours. Each person's situation is difference, you can take advise from your bank manager on this front, who can further help you make the strides forward you need.

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