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With intelligent music discovery you can create your own music station in a few easy steps.  Sign up and start telling Mu5ic.Club a few of your favorite things about music including:

  • clips,
  • video,
  • radio,
  • lyrics,
  • playlist,
  • tracks,
  • top artist,
  • genres and even
  • covers


From there you can create your own personalized playlist that is yours to listen to for free anytime you want!  With Mu5ic.Club you'll on your way to smart music discovery!


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  1. I find almost any music at all, even quiet music with some sort of melody to it — Clair de Lune for example — will distract me while I’m writing or grading. Ambient music is perfect, assuming you prefer it to silence, which I generally do. Pandora’s ambient channel is pretty good.

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