Creaky Body: How to Manage Common Aches and Pains as You Age


Creaky Body How to Manage Common Aches and Pains as You Age

Aches and pains are a common part of the aging process. Joints lose cartilage and flexibility, causing pain and a loss of range of motion. These three actions will help you to manage the aches and pains as they develop.


The application of heat to a painful or aching body part can help to relax the discomfort away. You can use a self-adhesive heating strip on your lower back. You might also try sewing up your own rice bag. A simple alternative is to put uncooked grains of rice into a sock and tie off the cuff. Heat the rice-filled sock for about 15 seconds in the microwave and put it on your achy spot.

Topical Pain Cream

Topical pain creams help to reduce pain and inflammation in your soft tissues. These products, such as those available from companies like MedPAINCREAM, are easy to apply to your skin, and you can use them as often as you need to when an ache arises. Topical pain creams are an ideal solution because you can put them in the spot that hurts, and they start to work right away. These products come in convenient tubes that you can bring with you to work in your backpack, briefcase or purse.


A massage can help to loosen tight, aching muscles. If you have arthritis, a hand massage can help to relax the overly stretched tendons in your fingers. Aching feet can be soothed by a deep tissue massage. If you hurt all over, a hot stone massage is an excellent combination of heat and touch to relieve tense, tight muscles in your body. Massage is also a great stress reliever. You can have a massage as often as you desire, and they are safe for most people.

Alternative Medicine

Many people find relief from different types of alternative medicine. Acupuncture may help to relieve point that recurs in a specific place of your body, such as an achy shoulder. If you get a frequent crick in your back, a visit to the chiropractor may be able to adjust it for you. You may also find relief from reiki, meditation or yoga.

These strategies will help you to manage minor aches and pains. Each of these methods is effective on its own. You can also combine two or more of these strategies to gain even more benefits. You can use these pain relief strategies any time that you feel a body ache coming on and prevent it from getting worse.


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