My Crazy Busy Life


As many of you know I sold my business back in July, which I have no regrets about, and am able to have a more carefree life!  I have to say my lifestyle seems to be more of a crazy busy life than it was before.  I've been doing more traveling, having fun, making friends and just enjoying life like I wasn't before.  I never thought my business held me back until I came home from a conference this past week.

My theme for my getaway!

I laugh just thinking of it because I've always been the person who is here for the experience and fun in life but I haven't really experienced life in the last 5 years because I've been tied to the business.  It is funny because thinking back I can realize it but in the moment I never did.  It is shocking to realize that each time I went away on a trip I was never really present I was always just going through the motions.  I made a promise to myself to never get caught in that emotion again.

I encourage you to take a look at your life and own it.  Change what is holding you back and just be you!

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