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Let’s face it – everyone wants a comfy bedroom. After all, we have to get a good seven to nine hours of sleep a night to operate at a high level. However, even if you think the boudoir is as cozy as possible, the odds are you are wrong. No one is saying that your bedroom isn’t relaxing or sleep-inducing because it is possible. All you need to know is that there are some tips which might not have yet crossed your path. And the answer is yes: if you add them they will take the room to another level.

So, with that in mind, here are a few bedroom parlor tricks which might not be so common. We can already hear the soft sound of snoring from here!

New Mattress

It’s almost as if homeowners hate buying a new mattress. Sure, it isn’t to get in the house, never mind to put it on the bed frame. Plus, it’s expensive and getting rid of the old one is harder than most people can imagine. All in all, it sounds like a massive pain in the ass. But, the mattress is one of the major components of comfort in the whole bedroom. Scratch that, in the entire house. There is a chance that an old and creaking bed just doesn’t have the same effect as it did in the past. The size might be too small, or the springs might stick out the side. Whatever the reasons, they comprise the bed and your comfort levels. Now is the time to be out with the old and in with the new.

Tailor The Bed

There is no point in splashing the cash if you’re not going to buy all of the trimmings. Yes, new beds aren’t cheap, and neither are the accessories. However, they aren’t just a way for companies to up the price as they do impact a person’s comfort. Pillows, for example, come in a variety of shapes, sizes and price ranges. The best, though, are the most expensive ones as they use the highest quality materials like goose feathers. The same goes for the bed sheets and throw pillows. If you have a king-sized bed, look for king sheet sets with a large thread count. And, more isn’t less when it comes to decorative cushions.

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Add More Furniture

Bedrooms always have beds because, well because people have to get to sleep! The problem lots of people make is only to include one piece of furniture in the room. Sure, it might not seem like a place for a sofa or an armchair, but what’s the harm? In truth, a nice, comfy chair will come in handy at some point as sometimes the bed is overkill. If you just want to relax and read a book, lying down isn’t the best option. Sitting by the window basking in the sunshine is a much more relaxing choice. There is no way to do that without additional furniture, which is why another piece is usually wise.

Adjust The Lighting

Natural light isn’t rare at this time of year. The sun is more prominent as there are hardly any clouds in the sky, and it doesn’t set as soon. As a result, the room is going to be a lot lighter, which is a good thing because it’s summery. So, during the day it’s best to open the curtains and let the rays illuminate the room. What with the additional light and heat, you’ll feel like you’re going to sink into the walls. And, if it’s possible to focus it on the better features, there’s a style bonus too! At night, though, the light needs adjusting because too much of it is a bad thing at bedtime. Either turn off all the fixtures or turn them down so that it gives off a lower, softer vibe. Mood lighting, as it’s known, is incredibly relaxing and sexy.


There aren’t too many things less comfortable than features which don’t merge seamlessly. Being cozy and comfortable isn’t just about lying down and falling to sleep in seconds. It’s also about being able to use the room without getting angry or frustrated. A bedroom which is overcrowded or poorly formatted is very annoying, and it will only add to your stress levels. The key is to make sure everything is in a place that isn’t in the way of anything else. To do this, try and leave at least one to two meters between all the components of the room.

Then, the ease of access should be a lot more practical.

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