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My latest grocery shop was a huge success and I saved 50% on my groceries and I didn't purchase anything I didn't need!  Best part is it was so easy so I thought why  not share it with all of you.  I haven't been actively couponing for very long so I'm not an extreme couponer by any means but I do manage to save a decent amount of money.

To get started is easy, at first I used what I call an envelope system and divided by coupons into categories: food, personal and pharmacy, baby and kids, household (toilet paper, paper towel, cleaning supplies), mail in rebates, and other.  As I collected the coupons I would throw them in the corresponding envelope, this got a little overwhelming because I was always combing through a huge stack of coupons to get to what I wanted.  So my new system is this:

I went to dollarama and bought sports card holders ($1/pk of 6), and plastic sleeve ($1/pk of 2), I had the scissors and envelopes so pretty inexpensive to get organized.  From there I just started putting “like” coupons together.  The coupons that wouldn't fit in the holders I put into corresponding envelopes.

Hope that helps you get started on organizing everything!

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  1. Both my blogging partner and I have been couponing for a while now! It is SO addictive!!! We love to see our savings rise. I use to use a binder like that but have switched to saving the whole insert now. I found that it actually was a little less time consuming to cut them when I need them but I also miss having coupons on hand when I NEED something.

    If only the day had 2 or 3 extra hours! hehehe

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