Cora Subscription Review


I don't know about you but when it comes to my monthly menstrual cycle the less thinking I have to do the better!  I found a new subscription service that delivers 100% certified organic cotton tampons to your door that are actually stylish and support a great cause.

Cora Subscription Review

The Cora Product

The chic and discreet carrying cases were designed for adults and every order helps empower women and girls in need.  I love the signature kit your receive on your first shipment that includes a little black box, a little black clutch, stowaways and of course the Cora tampons.

The tampons are:

  • Premium organic cotton
  • Fearless Fit for leak protection (even on white denim days)
  • BPA-free compact plastic applicator
  • Soft + Silent Wrappers

The Anatomy of a Cora Tampon

I'm highly impressed with the Cora tampons, they offer protection without all the chemicals found in mainstream products.  Plus the clutch and stowaways are perfect on the go to throw in your purse, car or pocket.  Who knew a period could be this stylish!

The Cora Philosophy

We see a mission where others see “that time of the month”.  With over 100 million girls lacking access to adequate menstrual products around the globe—causing them to miss school days during their period which can often lead to dropping out by the age of 14.  For every month’s supply of Cora you receive we give a month’s supply of sustainable pads to a girl in a developing country so she can do anything during her period.

Women for women. For every month of Cora purchased, we give away a month of pads to a girl in need. In order for this to happen a community sets up small-scale manufacturing units to produce the pads which in turn gives local woman employment and a living wage.  Women's health education is also provided including reproductive and menstrual wellness.

Cora really is a win-win for everyone involved!

Cora Subscription

The Cora Subscription Service

The subscription service is simple and you receive the first delivery with your signature kit within a week, after that you'll receive organic tampon refills every three months.  You can adjust or cancel anytime and shipping is always free.  The options include:

  • 6, 12, 18 or 24 tampons per month
  • regular or super absorbency, with a 12 or more tampon order you can choose a mixture of absorbency
  • pay monthly, every three months or yearly, paying every three months gets you one month free and paying yearly gets you two months free

Prices range from $7-18/month depending on how you customize your order, you can save up to $4/month by paying yearly.

The only downside about Cora is at the moment they are only shipping within the United States but they do use USPS Priority Mail so your shipment will arrive within 2-4 days.

Modernize your period with Cora and start a subscription today!

Refer a friend to Cora. She'll get her first month free and you'll get your next month free!

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