Commemorating Life’s Successes: Gifts to Save Special Memories


There’s nothing quite like a custom keepsake to mark a special event. Be it a family reunion, a store launch, or some other special event, like a wedding or a christening. Here’s how to add to the celebration with a special gift.


Custom Plaque

A customized plaque is perfect for a variety of occasions. And, while they’re traditionally thought of as award ceremony staples, you could just as easily use them for customer appreciation events. You could also use custom plaques for graduation events or as a special anniversary gift to your spouse.


Custom Pins

A nice lapel pin is a perfect gift for someone who doesn’t really enjoy elaborate gifts, but who often has to dress up for various occasions, such as a businessperson or perhaps a professional like a lawyer, doctor, CPA, or government official.

Custom pins are a nice way to say “thank you” or they can have a more sentimental feel if you go the custom route.


Custom Games

Customized photo puzzles are popular right now – puzzles using pictures from your family photo album. The recipient puts together the puzzle and either pastes the back, making it a permanent “photo,” or tears it down and reassembles it on special occasions.

These custom playing cards are perfect for the person in your life that seemingly has everything but the kitchen sink. Gamers and designers especially love them. A Star Wars-themed deck comes in handy for Friday game night, and a CMYK deck is perfect for a designer.


Commemorative Coins

Commemorative coins are great gifts for coin collectors, but they can also be great as christening gifts, high school or college graduation gifts, or as gifts for young people in general (birthdays, Christmas, etc.).

Commemorative coins are often made of precious metals, so they have inherent value. Where they are not made of precious metals, they can still be sentimental in nature, so you could purchase them for special life events like weddings or the birth of a child.


Customized Ornaments

Custom ornaments are great Christmas gifts, but they can also be great holiday-agnostic gifts. You could buy someone an ornament for a graduation event or for customers as a “thank you.” Have the person’s name worked into the ornament, or make it customized to reflect their own personal values or interests – these tend to be the best.


Custom Dishes

Custom dishes, like mugs, glasses, or plates or utensils, will remind the recipient of you every time they use them. They are also some of the more reasonably-priced ways to appreciate or recognize employees and customers. Some of the more creative ideas include mugs or plates with designs (even 3D designs) on the bottom (of a mug) or on the plate’s surface.

They make great wedding favors and gifts for the bridal party and you can have them engraved for an added personal touch.


Engraved Items

Speaking of engraving, this alone can be used on an already-existing item, or a new one, to give someone close to you a special message that will be timeless and sentimental. Every time they see the inscription, they will think of you.


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