Clothing Styles That Are Ruling Summer 2017


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If you’re looking to adventure somewhere this summer, and craft memories that you’ll keep for some time, it’s not wrong to imagine that you want to look your best while doing so. Perhaps you’ve booked a long distance trip by yourself to come to terms with your personality and reflect on all of the good you’ve done over the past years. Perhaps you’ve booked a full two-week getaway to Disneyland with your family. No matter how you intend to spend your summer, looking good while doing so has never been easier.

However, you need to know what you should wear to look your best. It doesn't take a large stretch of the imagination to understand that following fashion trends for this year is the best way to safely inhabit a stylish wardrobe.

Here are the patterns you should be looking to implement in your wardrobe this year:

Gold/Rose Gold Watches

If you like accessorizing, you’ll have surely found the ones that work best for you by now. Why not switch it up with a statement piece? You’ve no doubt noticed that gold and rose gold watches are taking the fashion world by storm. There’s no better way to tastefully make such a large statement when it comes to your wrist.

Watches are masterpieces in craftsmanship, and wearing a nice one signifies class, style, and appeal. Consider trying the watch brands Sekonda and Armani Exchange to find some beautiful watches made specifically for the discerning modern woman.


There has never been a more perfect time to wear floral. With the summer in full bloom, and heat waves set to continue in multiple countries, floral wear is a staple of summer 2017. It’s best worn as part of a light summer dress. You can find the pattern that suits your sun dresses online, which is arguably better than adhering to the often limited range a physical store will offer you, and provide lower prices while they’re at it.


Bold stripes are sweeping the nation because they are slimming if effectively utilized vertically. Horizontal stripes have the opposite effect, so be forewarned! You wouldn’t want all of your hard work maintaining and crafting a summer dress to be ruined thanks to misplaced fashion choices.

Bold Colors


If there’s one style you’re likely to see this summer more than any other, you’ll be seeing bold summer colors that might seem like they initially clash. Bright red tops and bright blue trousers might seem on the surface like a fashion faux pas, but actually, huge summer statements like that are being celebrated. This has been exemplified through many fashion events that took place in New York this spring just gone. Bella Hadid ruled the catwalk with her modeling of these colors. If she justifies wearing them, so can you.

No matter who you are, tailoring your wardrobe with specialty items and more universally applicable styles can expand your wardrobe and make it truly something to rely on during your fashionable summer exploits. You’re sure to turn so many heads on the beach that you’ll wonder what it is you did right. Of course, it was the fact that you read this article. Have fun!

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