Christmas Creation: 4 Tips For The Best-Decorated House On The Block


Before Christmas arrives, you might want to start thinking about some of the ways that your house can stand out from the others in the neighborhood. Whether you want a lot of lights or you want simplicity, you need to have a plan in place before you just start putting everything in the yard or on shelves and tables in the house. You could also try to find out what the neighbors have in mind with their outdoor decorations so that you add just a bit more glitz to your design.

Candy Wonderland

A fun theme for the inside and outside of the house is a candy wonderland. You can add candy canes along the windows, a centerpiece with peppermints and marshmallows that are layered in a clear vase and ribbon candy displayed on plates. Take the candy outside with fun lollipops that are made with cardboard, a few markers that are used to create a lollipop design and cellophane. Add a sturdy post to display them in front of the house.

Simple Touches

One or two colors in the home can give a beautiful look for Christmas. White, silver and blue work well together as they give a frozen look. White stockings can accent a mantle while garland and white or blue candles can accent tables and areas in front of mirrors. Golden deer with white lights make the outside of the home look elegant. Another simple design is to put ornaments of the same color in different sizes in clear vases, displaying them on tables and windowsills.

Christmas Creation 4 Tips For The Best Decorated House On The Block

Lighting The World

One of the things that will make your display stand out is the number of lights that you have in the world. However, you don't want to string several lights along the porch, in the trees or on the windows without having a design in place. You want to use lights that blend well with the other decorations that you have in the yard. Multi-colored lights are popular and offer a lot of pizzazz, but you might want to consider white, red or green so that you have a plain backdrop for the decorations.  Make sure you have the necessary power sources and cords, like those found at Americord, to sufficiently light your decorations.

Gaming For Christmas

Instead of playing games on bare surfaces, turn them into Christmas decorations. A game like Scrabble could have words that deal with Christmas as well as letters on the trays that have a festive theme. Add a few bows to the games as well as an ornament or two in the center for a fun look.

Christmas is a time when you can use your imagination to decorate all aspects of the home. Think of the colors that you want to use and the theme that you want to carry from the inside of the home to the outside. Sometimes, the simple decorations can speak volumes.

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