Christmas is Coming! 6 Ways to Buy the Best Gifts and Save Money


When it comes to Christmas shopping, it can easily be one of the most expensive times of the year due to the large price tags and number of gifts that need to be purchased. Although you may not want to cut corners on the quality of presents that you give to family and friends, you can still reduce the cost by following a few tips. To save big during the holiday season and still have money left for the New Year, there are a few new ways to adjust how you shop.

Christmas is Coming! 6 Ways to Buy the Best Gifts and Save Money

Christmas is Coming! 6 Ways to Buy the Best Gifts and Save Money

1. Buy in Bulk

If you have multiple friends or grandkids to give gifts to for Christmas, consider buying the same item in bulk at warehouse stores. From lip gloss to jewelry, there are several items that can be purchased together to obtain each item at a discounted price.

2. Purchase Discount Credit Cards

Many different websites sell gift cards at a reduced price around the holiday season, making it easy to purchase a $100 iTunes card for as low as $85. Instead of guessing on the type of gift to give a friend or family member, opt for a gift card that is cheaper than the value.

3. Bid on eBay

Put your bidding skills to good use by scoring great deals on some of the year's most popular items. If you're trying to purchase one of the hottest toys of the season at a discounted price or find electronics at an affordable rate, spend time bidding on eBay for a few great gifts that will make you feel like a winner.

4. Visit Craft Fairs

Around the holiday season, craft fairs become popular for the variety of items sold by merchants. Prices are often cheaper than retail stores for handmade items that have a higher quality and are one of a kind.

5. Take Advantage of Black Friday Deals

Make a list of the gifts that you're planning on giving and try to find them at discounted prices during Black Friday. You may have to fight the crowds on the busiest shopping day of the year, but you can easily save hundreds of dollars by visiting a few stores. Often times, you can also do your Black Friday shopping over the internet and find the same and sometimes better deals and avoiding the massive crowds.

6. Sell Your Game Consoles

Instead of allowing your old game consoles to collect dust and get neglected, sell the products and pocket the money to put towards Christmas gifts. If you sell game consoles, you will have a larger budget for items that you buy without working a second job during the season.

When it's time to purchase Christmas gifts and spend hundreds of dollars on your family and friends, there are several ways to save money without heading to the thrift store. Enjoy purchasing popular and quality products by doing your research, taking advantage of deals, and buying in bulk.



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