How to Choose the Best Bushnell Rangefinder


Wouldn’t you love spending a day with your friends, feeling the sunshine on your face, and taking a leisurely walk? That’s what golf is all about. Age is no barrier to this wonderful sport – golfers range from 10 to 80-year-olds! If you missed out on your chance of being a golfer, this is the right moment to kick-start your golfing career.

Accuracy means everything in golfing. Earlier, golfers had to guess the yardage by either eyeballing or using sprinkler heads. The advancement in technology have brought about a great deal of handiness to golfers. Most golfers remain grateful to technology for making their life hassle-free, especially, in measuring yardage.

How to Choose the Best Bushnell Rangefinder

Technology has enabled us to easily pinpoint the location of the target. Golf GPS rangefinders or laser rangefinders are the two possible options you have to calculate yardage. You might have a question dangling above you on how to choose the right yardage tool.  It’s important that you learn about the golfing tools in general before choosing the right one for your game.

Laser rangefinders vs. GPS rangefinders

Just about anyone can use laser rangefinders without the need of instruction manuals. You just need to press the button and aim at the target to get the precise yardage. Most new rangefinders have a negligible margin of error.

On the other hand, GPS rangefinders use the available satellite data to measure the distance between two points. GPS rangefinders are also available as a wearable; the same isn’t the case with a laser rangefinder. But they have greater accuracy compared to GPS rangefinders. Your skill set and your golf field makes the difference in your choice of range finders.

Most golfers prefer laser rangefinders over GPS rangefinders. Laser rangefinders have the flexibility to measure any target, rather than just dealing with numbers in GPS.

There are a lot of companies that manufacture laser rangefinders. A Bushnell rangefinder is the best in class of laser rangefinders that you might have come across. Comparing two of the best rangefinders from Bushnell might help you pick the right one for your game.

Bushnell Pro X7 golf laser rangefinder with JOLT

You need to be precise with the yardage when you’re on the golf course. Bushnell rangefinders are the best in class rangefinders because of their precision in measuring yardage. They are accurate up to 1/10th of a yard within 125 yards, and ½ yards accurate above 125 yards.  Furthermore, it has a 7x magnification to give you a sneak-peak of your target.

If that isn’t good enough, Bushnell rangefinders are waterproof too – you needn’t worry about the rain spoiling your rangefinder. Getting the perfect number is easy – you just need to press the button, make an aim at the target, and hold on until you get the accurate measurement.

Bushnell V3 golf laser rangefinder with JOLT

Its pinseeker helps you acquire the target with ease. Bushnell V3 easily fits in your hand and you’re less likely to lose it. It’s accurate up to 1 yard, and has a magnification of 5x, which is lesser when compared to the other new versions.

If you want a superior quality rangefinder at an affordable price, this might be worth considering. You don’t need to worry about your rangefinder deceiving you during an important game – Bushnell V3 lasts for more than 40+ rounds.

Battle of the Bushnell rangefinders

Both the rangefinders, Bushnell V3 and Bushnell Pro X7, have the feature of pinseeker technology with JOLT. The pinseeker isolates the unnecessary objects and circles the potential target. The added JOLT feature enables the rangefinder to vibrate when a target is locked.

Bushnell V3 would be a preferred option if you like to have a mediocre rangefinder at a low price. Considering the range, accuracy, and magnification, the Bushnell Pro X7 is by far the most preferred Bushnell rangefinder.

Knowing the precise yardage might help you improve your game, provided you’re ready to spend that kind of money. The money would seem trivial when it comes to spending quality time golfing!


  1. Great post….However I feel rangefinder’s are too much fuss to use even though they are extremely accurate. I feel a GPS unit is better mainly due to it’s ease of use (even though it’s usually off by a meter or two). Do you feel that added accuracy really makes much of a difference? Thanks

  2. Nice article. Using rangefinder you can check distances to fairway bunkers, to the far side of any dogleg or to other hazards. This helps you determine the correct club to play.

  3. Excellent article. Thanks for the credit. Bushnell is my favorite brand for Rangefinder. In your article “Laser rangefinders vs. GPS rangefinders” part has attracted me to know some new idea. I have Bushnell 202208 Bone Collector Edition 4x Laser Rangefinder already!

  4. Great story and I enjoyed your photos too. This post is important and informative. Thanks for your lovely sharing.

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