Chasing Tony by Patty Hevly ~ A Children’s Book


You're in for a treat, this children's book has been created with parents and their children in mind!  The kids will have fun as they follow along with the journey and you'll love it as a parent because it teaches social skills and confidence.

An adorable Children's Picture Book ~ Chasing Tony by Patty Hevly

Chasing Tony by Patty Hevly

A great read aloud children's picture book for ages 5-7. Helps develop social skills while being fun and entertaining. What starts as s simple walk to get ice cream, turns into a fun game of chase. Follow Bobby and Emily as they chase Tony the squirrel around the park in a game of keep away. Discuss nice and not so nice actions with your children while discovering what it takes to catch a sneaky squirrel.

32 pages available in both paperback and kindle edition.

Get your copy of Chasing Tony by Patty Hevly today!

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