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This year for us marks the start of something new and celebrating new traditions and there is no better way to do that then with Kinder!!  There will be many changes for us this year and new beginnings, Dustin will start Kindergarten in September and Cheyenne moves to middle school (4th grade).  With the kids moving on to bigger more exciting things that means that I get the days back to myself!!  I might have a few #KinderSmiles of my own come September, lol.

There is a lot to celebrate and be thankful for during 2015 and Kinder will be a big part of that for us!

Taking the time to celebrate the little things and the beginning of many new milestones in our family will be a large part of 2015.  It is hard to believe how fast the kids grow up and the changes that take place along the way.  I'm reminded to slow things down and celebrate the little things in life and to do that I've stocked up on some Kinder Surprise eggs!  What kid doesn't like celebrating with chocolate and a surprise.

For our family 2015 is all about hitting the pause button and remembering the milestones this year.  We're all changing for the better!  Life is all about changes and adapting to them without these challenges life would be boring.  I am reminded to keep an open mind and heart because we'll never get these moments back so treasure the cuddles while you can, take way too many pictures and laugh!

Want a peek at the new 2015 collection?  A few of our favorites include:

Kinder Surprise 2015 Collection

Want to get your hands on the new collection?  Visit the KINDER® Canada Facebook page until January 30th where they'll be celebrating Games & Puzzle Week with daily prizing!  A little hint: the theme of each game or puzzle links to the new toy collection!

Don't miss your chance to win big and celebrate 2015 with the new Kinder Collection!

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