Celebrate National Reading Month with Amazon FreeTime Unlimited



Celebrate National Reading Month with Amazon FreeTime Unlimited
As you know in our house we love to read!  Whether we are taking turns reading to each other or reading on our own there is always a book around.  I have a strong belief that kids learn by example and now is more important than ever to give them the love of learning!  To celebrate national reading month I wanted to share how we're encouraging Cheyenne to read more.

I did a little research earlier this year and found the recommended reading length for children:

You start with ten minutes reading in 1st grade, and you add ten minutes for every subsequent grade up to 6th grade. ~ How Much Should My Child Read

Pretty straight forward!  The only problem is what kind of books do kids like to read nowadays.  I honestly have no clue.  Luckily Amazon has taken the guess work out of that.  With Amazon FreeTime kids get unlimited access to hundreds of hand-picked chapter books and early readers, all curated for age-appropriateness so you don't have to spend time and money guessing what they'll enjoy!  Plus you can set a daily reading goal within their FreeTime profile!

FreeTime Profile

Celebrate National Reading Month with Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

It is simple to get set up and ready to read.  You need a kindle e-reader, the basic model is $79, which encourages reading without distractions and a subscription to FreeTime Unlimited free for the first 30 days!  After your first month the subscription starts at $2.99/month.  A few of the fun things we like about the Amazon FreeTime Unlimited are:

  • Cheyenne can easily look up definitions on her own
  • Increase font size
  • Vocabulary Builder feature – it stores the words kids look up and quizzes them with flashcards
  • Unlimited age appropriate downloads making it simple to load multiple books to take on vacation that the kids can carry themselves!
  • Word Wise feature (Cheyenne's favorite) – a short and simple definition is shown about difficult words as you read along. You can see an example below.

Word Wise FreeTime Unlimited

FreeTime Unlimited includes favorites like the Harry Potter series, The Borrowers by Mary Norton and classics like Treasure Island!

We were lucky enough to have the Kindle arrive before we headed on our Spring Break vacation so Cheyenne loaded it with a bunch of books she wanted to try out!  She also made a profile for Dustin so she could read books with him!  As parents we were shocked how much reading she did on the trip – she even achieved a few awards on the trip including:

  • Super Book Worm (reach your daily reading goal 7 days in a row)
  • Over Achiever (beat your daily reading goal)
  • Just getting started (read 50 pages)

FreeTime Unlimited Achievements

I believe since she had the freedom to choose the books and read them at her leisure she enjoyed the Kindle even more.  Plus at an affordable monthly subscription starting at $2.99 for unlimited access to thousands of books, movies, games and apps for kids you can't go wrong.

As a parent I highly recommend Amazon FreeTime Unlimited!  You can still use the Kindle as an adult because it take the kids into their own FreeTime profile. We give it a 10/10!

What's your favorite classic book to read?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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