Celebrate Family with a Weekly Family Fun Night


In today's society things move quick! Families are always on the go and hooked up to their electronics. We need to take a step back every now and then and focus on what matters, our family! Creating a weekly family night is a nice way to spend time with the family and catch up on what is going on in each others life.

What activities does your family enjoy together?

Celebrate Family with a Weekly Family Fun Night

Celebrate Family with a Weekly Family Night

Game Nights

Putting together a family game night is so much fun and very easy to do! You can take our board games and spend a few hours playing, do a puzzle or play some outdoor games.

Your kids will just be happy you're spending time with them so you don't have to get fancy or buy anything new just use your imagination or pull an old game out of the closet!  I like to use it as a learning opportunity so old games like crib or rummy can be fun to play, especially when the kids haven't even heard of them before!

Movie Nights

You don't have to go to the movies to enjoy a family movie night. Pick a couple of movies, pop some popcorn, layout blankets and enjoy spending some time watching family friendly movies.

We love to make a fort or bed on the floor in the living room and cuddle up and have a few laughs together!  There is nothing better!


Bowling is a fun way to get active with the family. Most bowling alleys offer family nights where the rates are lower than other nights.  Or go for the home version and make your own bowling alley or use the wii!

Backyard Campouts

Camping is a great way to spend some quality family time together. However, camping can be expensive! Instead of going to a traditional camp site, set up a backyard camping trip. Set up the tent, get the barbecue out, roast marshmallows, star gaze and tell ghost stories. A backyard campout is a good way to unplug from the electronics and get some family bonding time in.


Do you have a weekly family night?

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