Capture The Memories with TimeWyse Locket #locketmom


For me the days of printing photos, hanging picture frames and creating photo albums are gone.  Why?  I guess I could come up with a million excuses but the truth is I'm just too lazy.  All our photos and memories sit on our hard drives ready and waiting.  I share everyday moments on social media so loved ones near and far can see what we're up to but not everyone has social accounts or even the internet for that matter.  I need to stop coming up with excuses and start sharing our family memories.

Capturing Family Memories

Capture The Memories with TimeWyse Locket #locketmom

Enter the Life Locket app for iPhone!  With this fun app you can add, delete edit and reshoot audio, video and photo with simple touches!   The fun part we like is the promoting (the surprise button) it uses Quse Technology and prompts you to add a memory whether it be written, photo or audio!  Right from the home screen you can add a memory they've made it that simple!

Journal entry for life locket

I like how it reminds me to treasure the moments and remember the simple things in life!  I wish I had this when the kids were babies it would of made things a lot easier to remember and capture the big and small details as the kids grew!

Videos with Life Locket

After you've added a memory (this one was a video) with a single tap you can add another memory or share your current ones with family and friends.

share memories with life locket

With a single tap, Locket enables you to experience, capture, share and relive all the best memories in life without the hassle!  Just tap the e-timeline and keep loved ones in the loop with your personalized and secure link or order a photo book – the perfect Christmas gift!

Dustin's Lifelocket TImeline

A peek at the life of Dustin during November in his e-timeline!  You can view all the entries or pick and choose what you would like to see.

Life Locket Menu

Need help?  Or maybe you need to add another child to your Lifelocket app just head to the menu they have everything easily accessible for you.  The app is easy to use the only downside is the waiting but that's because I'm impatient!  Timewyse saves high-resolution versions of all your photos so you can print quality photo books if you or loved ones choose to order one.

For all of you who are just like me this app is a real lifesaver because now loved ones near and far can pull up the link and access the memories we've stored of both the kids! I even look back at the timeline and notice how fast they grow up and change, being a parent is so rewarding!

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