What Can We Do To Help Fight Cancer?


Throughout time there are many conditions and harmful diseases that damage our health. At the present moment, cancer is one of the worst health problems in the world. Millions of people are affected by it, and there are so many different types we can contract. To make matters worse, there’s currently no cure for cancer, and it doesn’t look like there’s one on the horizon anytime soon.

After hearing that, it’s natural to get down. No doubt many of you reading this have lost loved ones to cancer or had to battle through it yourself. As a parent myself I’ve had to deal with many different health issues and watch my kids go through them too. It’s never nice, but the thought of anyone close to me getting cancer makes me sick to my stomach. It makes me want to stand up and try to do something, try to make a difference.

Just because there’s no cure for cancer now, that doesn’t mean there won’t be one in the future. It wasn’t long ago that AIDS was considered a life threatening illness and now it’s easily curable. The same could be the case for cancer in the future. But, this may only be possible if we help out and do our own bit as a society. Likewise, while we can’t cure cancer now, we can at least try our hardest to ensure fewer people get it. Bearing both these things in mind, I’ve written some advice that can help you fight cancer. Below, you’ll find some simple things you and your family can do that will make a huge difference in finding a cure and preventing cancer from harming so many families.

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Raise Awareness

One of the best things you can do to help fight cancer is to raise awareness of various forms. The more you make people aware of cancer, the more likely they are to take measures to ensure they lower their risk of getting it. For example, if you’re raising awareness for breast cancer, more people will know about the symptoms, how to check yourself, what to do to avoid increasing the risk of developing it, etc. It might not seem like it, but you can save someone’s life by making them more aware. The question is, how can you do this?

Wear Special Clothing Items/Accessories

Possibly the easiest and most common way of raising awareness is by wearing special clothes or accessories. I’m talking about wearing special colored bands on your wrists, special tops, badges, anything you can think of. You can really have a positive effect by doing this, and it’s the easiest way to get your kids involved and to get others involved too. As seen here https://www.breastcancerfootballgear.com/ there are loads of football themed things you can buy that are pink to raise awareness for breast cancer. This is a great way to maybe get your son or daughter's little football team involved and really raise awareness in the community.

Talk About It On Social Media

Most parents use Facebook to post pictures of their kids as they grow up. But, it’s a really powerful tool when you’re trying to fight cancer and raise awareness. What you can do is post statuses about cancer to help spread the word about certain facts or stats. Just take a look at a site like this http://www.webmd.boots.com, and you will find a whole list of various cancer symptoms you shouldn’t ignore and other really important facts. By posting statuses about these, you will get this important information out there to other people reading what you post. For all you know you could post about one symptom and someone could read it and realize they have that exact symptom. So, they go to the doctor and realize they have cancer, but, it’s been caught early because they came at the right time and it can be controlled and cured. This may sound far-fetched, but it is highly possible things like this can happen all thanks to you raising awareness.

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Help Fund Research

As well as raising awareness, the second thing you can do is help fund research. Research is the only way we’re going to find a cure in the future. Scientists are working every day trying out new things and looking for a breakthrough. As you can see here https://www.asco.org a lot has changed in the research department over the last fifty years. The problem is, research is costing more and more money, so they need help. Here’s what you can do:

Donate Monthly

The easiest thing you can do is contribute a small amount, frequently. Five, ten, maybe even twenty dollars a month isn’t that big of a deal to you. However, this money can go towards funding vital research to search for a cure. If everyone did this, we’d easily be able to raise loads of money for cancer research.

Get Others To Sponsor You

A real popular way of raising a lot of money is to get people to sponsor you to do something big. Many people will run marathons in aid of cancer research, and some have raised thousands of dollars. This has a double effect as you can raise awareness while you’re doing whatever it is you decide to do. Marathons are a good idea but require lots of training as you need to be really fit! Climbing a mountain is another idea, or perhaps you could do a family skydive or bungee jump? Get people involved and bring in the donations so you can make a difference and fund research.

Raising awareness and funding research might not sound like a lot, but it will really make a big difference. Especially if everyone reading this goes out and does both of these things. Cancer is one of the biggest risks to our health and the health of our loved ones, we’ve got to do something, we can’t just let it win.


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