Call The Dog Doctor! 4 Common Health Problems Your Pooch Faces


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Our dogs are just like us, in that they can easily fall sick and suffer from a variety of illnesses. And just like humans have to face the common cold and flu, your dog will also come face to face with some common dog illnesses. Thankfully, most are treatable by a quick visit to your vet. You may even be able to treat some at home! Are you interested in helping your pooch stay fit and healthy? Then it’s important you know all about the five most common health issues for dogs.

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If your house is clean and tidy, you shouldn’t have to worry about your dog getting fleas. However, there are rare cases when your pooch could come back from a walk covered in these little insects. So how do you help to rid your dogs of fleas? Firstly, if your pooch is scratching a lot, you need to make sure it definitely is fleas. If it isn’t, it could be a food allergy. Secondly, you can buy chewable tablets that can kill your dog’s fleas, such as generic trifexis. Wash your dog as well. If things don’t improve, visit your vet.

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Do you suspect your dog has a tapeworm? Symptoms include white, coiled segments in your dog’s feces. You could also notice that your dog starts to lick their backside a lot more than usual. The only way you can treat a tapeworm is by taking your dog to see the vet. The dog will receive an injection from the vet, which should kill the tapeworm. You will also be prescribed medication to give to your dog once you are home. This will make sure the dead tapeworm successfully passes through your dog.

Ear Infections

Almost all dogs will suffer from an ear infection at least once in their life. Headshaking and frequent ear scratching are the main signs that your pooch is suffering. You could also see a redness or swelling around the ear. To try and treat the infection yourself, you should clear out the ear with a sterile cleanser. You should be able to clean out the ear with a cotton bud. If your dog lets you, do this a couple of times a day. If the infection doesn’t improve, book an appointment with your vet.

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Hot Spots

Hot spots are also known as summer sores and are one of the most painful skin conditions for dogs. They can appear anywhere on your dog’s body and are, more often than not, caused by bacteria. The bacteria normally gets into the skin if your dog has been scratching quite a bit or licking themselves excessively. One way you can help is by trimming the coat around each hotspot. This will help to dry out the skin. But you should also take your dog to the vets so that the vet can give your dog the correct antibiotics.


It’s horrible to watch your dog suffer from one of these conditions. But with the right help, it will be fit and healthy in no time!

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