Buying a Home? 5 Things that You Should Inspect before Closing


When buying a home, you want to take every opportunity to look it over carefully. Then you want to be smart and hire an inspector to come in and scrutinize the home you are thinking of buying. When it comes to your inspection, here are five areas you definitely want to look at more closely before closing on the home you are interested in purchasing.

The Basement

If you are buying a home with a basement, inspecting this area of the house for problems is critical. Your inspector should look for cracks in the walls, signs of leaking, damage to pipes and the condition of the fuse box.

The Electric Wiring

After checking out the fuse box, an inspector should also take a more extensive look at the electrical wiring throughout the home. Especially for older houses, you can never be too safe. Electrical wiring issues can lead to fires that could get you and your loved ones hurt.

The Plumbing

Inspecting the plumbing is critical for avoiding a plumbing nightmare. The plumbing is one area that you cannot easily view when you first enter a home. If you have a drain clog, you will need to work with King Trenchless Inc. or a similar drain cleaning service to free up your drain line again. You never know when you will need a rooter.

The Roof

Once you find out how old the roof is on the house you are thinking of buying, you need to inspect it for leaks. Damage to a roof that goes unfixed may create more than a simple water leak. It may also create problems when you go to air and heat your home. The last thing you want is to loose heat or air and be miserable.

The Foundation

Doing a thorough inspection of the foundation is critical before closing on a home. The foundation could be cracked or crumbling. This will allow moisture in that can do more damage to the foundation and potentially ruin more areas of your home.

Purchasing a home from someone else can come with numerous problems. This is why it is critical to hire someone to inspect a home before you reach the closing. If you are not happy with what you learn, you may want to exercise one of those options you left in the contract for backing out of the deal. This way, you do not get stuck with paying for a home that needs significant TLC in numerous areas of concern. You will want to have a home that is free of as many expensive complications as possible.

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  1. Thanks for helping me realize how important it is to thoroughly inspect the foundation before buying the house. I never considered that a serious crack in the foundation can lead to more serious damages around certain house areas. It would be better to hire a home inspector as soon as we find a house that we can afford.

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