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Many aspiring entrepreneurs understand that there’s a lot of money to be made in blogging if you know what you’re doing. At the end of the day, wherever you can reach people, you can earn money. With this in mind, it makes sense that you can turn a profit if you build up a following as a blogger. It’s the same as building up a following on social media or video platforms. A lot of creative individuals are earning a decent monthly income as influencers on the internet. If you’re wondering how to achieve this goal then here’s some advice on building a profitable brand for your blog.

Make sure you’re professional.

It’s easy to end up presenting yourself in an amateur way when you create any sort of online business. A lot of YouTubers, Instagram influencers, and bloggers are perceived negatively by the press because of this misconception. But it’s important that people respect your blog if you’re going to gain any traction. Even if you’re writing fantastic content, you’ll struggle to build up a following if your website is poorly designed. Visitors might leave your site before they’ve even tried to read one of your articles if it has a tacky aesthetic. And we’re not just talking about a pretty logo or a contemporary design; we’re talking about a responsive design. If your blog looks good on all devices then you’ll stand a better chance of retaining readers (many people browse on phones or tablets rather than laptops). Plus, responsive design makes a better impression on search engines, so you’ll increase traffic by showing up at the top of search result pages. More traffic means more potential customers; you’ll also make a bigger profit with increased page views if you have adverts on your blog. So, drawing in new readers with a professional and engaging blog design is essential to building a profitable brand.

You also need to make sure your actual brand appears professional. This is about more than a well-designed blog. It’s about your message and your business image. Make sure you have links to all manner of social media accounts, clear contact details, and a consistent posting schedule. Plenty of businesses do this before they have a physical office address because it presents them in a more professional light. As a blogger, this could really help to give you credibility. It’ll give readers somewhere to send any mail, but it’ll also give you the appearance of an established business. If you end up selling merchandise then it’ll also reassure customers that you’re running a professional business operation. You’re still running a blog, at the end of the day, but running a blog professionally is about creating a reliable brand. That’s how you’ll start to make a profit.

Get a sponsored deal.

As we have mentioned on our site in the past, finding a sponsor is a great way to monetize your blog. It might not be the easiest way of pulling in revenue, but it can be a smart way to bring in a steady income. Advertising is a great earner, as mentioned in the previous point, but it’ll probably only help to supplement your income. Getting the attention of a big brand could lead to a very profitable deal. You just need a big following. That’s when businesses will want you to start mentioning their products in your content. You just need to make sure your sponsor is relevant to the topic of your blog. Otherwise, you might alienate your readers. People don’t mind if you monetize your blog as long as it doesn’t affect the quality of your content. Make sure you focus on creating eloquent and provocative posts to gain new readers; the sponsorship opportunities will come.

Sell branded merchandise.

It was briefly mentioned in the initial point, but merchandise can be a nice little earner for a blog. Obviously, you need a small following, at the very least, to make money from merch. You need readers who enjoy your blog and want to buy clothing, stationery, kitchen utensils, or other items plastered with your brand. But once you have a following, merch can definitely help you achieve your goal of building a profitable brand for your blog. Not only will you make money from the sale of branded items, but you’ll build recognition for your blog. If people own your merch then their friends and family will be exposed to your brand all the time. It’s a great way to boost awareness of your blog.


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