A Brief History of Espresso



I am a huge coffee fan if you didn't know that already, whether I'm drinking coffee, lattes or espresso I love the taste and aroma nothing can beat a delicious cup of java in the morning.  My favorite time to drink a cup is in a silent house while the kids are still asleep.  A Mom can dream right!  I started digging into the origins of coffee, espresso and everything in between and wanted to share with you!  And here we go…

A Brief History of Espresso

Luigi Bezzera, a name that will go down in history for the creator of that morning cup of coffee we all long for! In 1901 with the goal of brewing coffee faster, he figured out that adding pressure to the brewing process would speed things up. Thus the Fast Coffee Machine was created.

The term “Espresso” means fast in italian, hence the term

Let's take a walk through time with the brief history of Espresso:

In 1901 – Luigi Bezzera filed a patent for the espresso machine that contained a boiler and four “groups”. Each group could take different size filters that contained the coffee. Boiling water was forced through the coffee and into a cup.

In 1927 – First espresso machine was installed in the United States. It was a La Pavoni Espresso Machine installed at Regio's in New York.

In 1946 – Manufacturing began of the first commercial piston machine, resulting in foam or cream layered coffee or cafe'


Hard to believe how long Espresso has been around for and to think it was discovered because of the need for speed!

Do you drink Espresso?

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  1. Marcus Delgado on

    This is so cool! I just learned the other day that “Cortado” means “cut” and “Macchiato” means “mark.” After making them for so many years, I can’t believe I just learned that. Thanks for sharing the history! 🙂

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