Out Of Breath! Active Getaways For The Entire Family


There are plenty of holidays to choose from if you just want to laze around, bake in front of the sun and get some good food – but what about going on a real adventure?

Memories – they can be made on relaxing holidays, but some more sedentary vacations are a dime-a-dozen. However, you'll never forget an active getaway that will truly take your breath away and your whole family will never forget it.

For example, why not a safari that that will take you across the Zulu territory in Natal Province, South Africa? It's an amazing adventure and is a true wildlife playground if your family is into nature. You can get hands-on with the animals and see the impressive beasts that call Africa home. Some of the longer tours can take you across deep lakes, enormous reefs, and sandy beaches just off the coast of the Indian Ocean. You can snorkel, mountain bike, visit the conservation centers that are doing an amazing job of safeguarding the wildlife of Africa, and you can even get hands-on with the pacey Cheetah!

If your family are more adventurous, then you can hike the Inca Trail. It's not for the faint-hearted or tiny children as altitudes can reach over 4000 meters on the four-day hike across ancient Peruvian mountainsides. You'll be able to explore the ancient temples of Machu Picchu and Cuzco and delve into the Peruvian Amazon where you can marvel at the Amazonian wildlife.

Horses are always a big hit with the family, and you can certainly enjoy them in Ireland. Farms in County Sligo right by the ocean run family getaways for all abilities of horse rider where you can gallop on horseback alongside the crashing waves of the Atlantic ocean. You can trot through time next to historic houses and amazing cascading waterfalls.

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If you're the type of family who likes to get wet and own the best inflatable SUP – then head to the Klarälven river in Sweden. It's no white knuckle ride as the river averages out at speeds of 2km an hour, but you'll enjoy the ancient Viking landscapes of forests and farmland with the occasional village dotted about. It's a bit more mellow so you can take children of all ages. It's a bit of a more peaceful getaway than your usual holiday.

If your family are sporty – Few countries offer a more original mix of family activities than the South American destination of Argentina. You can head to Buenos Aires where you catch a Boca Juniors game, or you can enjoy an out-of-town lesson in polo. There's also plenty of Patagonian hiking trails for your family to attempt as well and if you head further south, you'll see ice!

Holidays don't have to be lax – you can get wet, wild and winded all over the world. Choose your destination, get your family on board and make some memories!

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  1. Hey Laura!

    I’m so pleased South Africa got a shout out here! I love it when I come across travel writers who recommend my beautiful home country – thank you for that!

    It truly is a place where everyone in the family can have a blast on holiday. And if the activities won’t take your breath away the landscape will!

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