Breast Cancer Research & Awareness


What do you do when you find out your baby sister has an aggressive form of breast cancer and despite a double mastectomy and grueling chemo, it cannot be stopped?

It is breast cancer awareness month and what many don't realize is that emerging forms of breast cancer have found a way around treatments that once could provide a cure. My sister, a mother of two tweens, has recently been given an 18 month prognosis and has begun a clinical trial at Vanderbilt University.  I am do everything I can to help, read more about my journey at Sloan Kettering Hospital's Fred's Team.


Breast Cancer Research & Awareness

In Jill's case, research, in order to find treatments and cures is our only hope and therefore I am doing all I can to support today's leading organization in cancer research. This link to my team page, takes you to my fundraising page with Sloan Kettering Hospital's Fred's Team. They have allowed me to direct my funds to Breast Cancer research that supports Jill's clinical trial. My hope is that with many small contributions, $1, $5, $10 we can collectively give Jill and all the Jill's out there, a chance.

Help support a Mom who needs all the help she can get!

Visit Sloan Kettering Hospital's Fred's Team to find out how.

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