Breaking Bread: 7 Fun Holiday Dinner Ideas for the Whole Family



When the family gathers together for the holidays, it's a time when you can catch up on what's happened during the year and to reminisce about family dinners from the past. Before everyone gets to the home, you need to have a plan in place so that there is fun to be had along with delicious food. It's best to start planning about two weeks in advance so that you have all of the ingredients needed for the dishes that you prepare.

The Cozy Dinner
This is a fun dinner because it's cozy and brings everyone around the table. It's a time when you can serve the comfort foods, such as macaroni and cheese, pork loin with applesauce and shortbread cookies. While you're eating, you can play a few word games that get everyone in the Christmas spirit, such as stating a gift that starts with the first letter of the person's name.

Pita Bread
Set up a station where everyone can make their own pita sandwiches. You can get bulk pita bread and other types of bread at companies like Klosterman Baking Company. Make sure you have ingredients that children and adults would enjoy, such as fresh meats, cheeses and vegetables.

Cajun Christmas
Instead of the typical ham and turkey, consider having a dinner with a Cajun feel. Prepare shrimp and grits, jambalaya and other items that are popular in the Louisiana. Complete the dinner with a little Christmas music played on a banjo or another instrument that you think about with the Cajun atmosphere.

All About Logs
Toss aside the baked dishes, and enjoy a dinner that is full of logs. You can make cheese logs as well as meatloaf logs. Your desserts can even be made in a log design. Try to add a few details that will make the logs go with Christmas, such as a few flames or cranberries and holly springs.

Popping Away
Meatball pops, cake pops and other items that can be formed into a pop are a fun way to enjoy your dinner. Set up a few bowls of dipping sauces for the meats that you prepare. Place the dishes on a large table with a fondue pot so that everyone can gather together if you don't want to use small bowls.

Soup is a comfort food, and it often brings out the warmth in everyone. Each family can bring a favorite soup to share, placing all of them on a long table with sandwiches, crackers and other items that go well with soup. Gather everyone around a fireplace or in the living room to watch Christmas movies while eating.

Cookie Crazy
Instead of the traditional dinner, why not let everyone decorate cookies at your house. You could even let guests decorate cookies to look like their favorite main and side courses that they would enjoy for dinner. Play Christmas music and a few games for the holiday when everyone is done decorating.

Christmas is a time when you enjoy family. It doesn't matter what kind of food is served for the holiday dinner. As long as you are together, then that's all that matters whether you have soup or a comforting ham with green beans.

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