How to Brainstorm Gift Ideas for Your Teen Son


You are having a difficult time figuring out what to purchase for your teen son as a gift. Others have tried to help with suggestions and tips, but nothing seems right for him. Questioning him has proven to be futile. You’ve decided to do a little research and come up with some solutions on your own. Some steps to take could include the following.

Talk to His Friends

Sometimes the very best source for information is from the individuals whom he spends most of his time with. His friends and classmates will know exactly what he likes and what he dislikes. Don’t tell them which of their gift suggestions you are going to use as their loyalties lie with your son, and they will probably spill the beans.

Eyeball His Room

Open the door to his room and peruse the contents. There can be many clues to the perfect gifts within these four walls. Observe the predominant colors in this area. If his room is filled with books, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t need anymore. It means he enjoys reading and would probably love some new titles or even subscriptions to his favorite magazines.

If the posters on his walls look old and tattered, it may be time for some framed comic prints or new posters of his favorite musicians. If his bed linens are a mismatched set, a fluffy new comforter, new pillows, and a matching sheet set may be in order. Do not search his room for contraband or decide to clean while you are inside. Just observe and make gift decisions that he will love.

Check His Closet

Before you leave his room, open up his closet door. What style of clothing does he wear? Does anything need to be replaced because of wear and tear? What about shoes? A teen boy can never have too many pairs of comfortable sneakers.

And what about shirts? Bike tee shirts from places like DHDWear are all the rage and can be found in many colors with logos emblazoned on them. Teen boys wear them everywhere and even if they had 100 of them in their closet, they would find the time to wear them all.

Taking these steps will ensure that you will find the perfect gifts for your teenager. He will appreciate the time and effort you take to select what is perfect for his lifestyle. Keep these suggestions in mind each time his birthday or the holidays roll around for new and useful gift ideas.

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