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I had the recent opportunity to do a book review on The Cootie Kisser Convention on Canterbury Court by Jim Cratiot.  The book is an excellent read for any kid who is going to school as it deals with the oldest schoolyard problem – bullying.  My daughter, Cheyenne, and I decided to read the book together.

The times we were able to read and talk about it were VERY entertaining and FUN.  Jim wrote the book in a manner that a newly independent reader can make their way through it easily, which was nice because Cheyenne could take her turn at reading some sections.  It is surprising at how well she could read the book because it is easy flowing and entertaining which keeps the attention of the reader (and listener) along the way.

The story revolves around Eddy Coletrane and his two best friends who are the ABC Gang (All Boys Club) and have been friends since preschool.  They formed the club in first grade and all live in the same neighborhood so they hang out all the time, so much so they are like brothers, making up secret handshakes and plans on how to annoy girls.  They were all taken by surprise when for the first time ever a GIRL was moving into Canterbury Court – THEIR neighborhood!  At school the boys biggest nemesis is Stuart Leroy who is the meanest bully who EVER attended Roosevelt Elementary School and made his hobby beating up anybody who is more defenceless than he is – which means EVERYONE girls included!  The boys not only have to deal with the meanest bully at school but also a girl moving into their neighborhood creating a fun and entertaining plot for any reader along the way.

We would read a chapter or two each night when we got the chance and took a few minutes to talk about it afterwards and how it made her feel.  It was the easiest way to open up communication about school friendships, bullying, boy germs and just being a kid.  We had a numerous laugh out loud moments as well as the learning experiences.   Realizing a situation is only as bad as you think it is and taking the opportunity to get to know someone or standing up for yourself is the best tool a kid can use in life!

We can't wait for the next book in the Cootie Kisser Chronicles to come out, we'll be one of the first to get our copies!

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