Birthday Party Prep


I am up way too early this morning!  Dustin slept in his own bed all night, which is a rare occurrence, Cheyenne slept in her fort, and Frank works tonight so I could of slept in today but fat chance – guess that's what happens when you're a Mom!  Oh, and I can't even make a pot of coffee because Dustin decided to smash my coffee pot last night – the terrible 2's have started…ahhhh!

Today is full of getting ready for Cheyenne's big birthday party this weekend, she'll be 6!! Man time flies when you have kids.  She is getting to be quite the individual it amazes me sometimes.  I love it that she is becoming more independent every day, has a wild imagination, for the most part will try anything once! Oh, and let's not forget she gave me my first talk on how not to embarrass her at her party.

My little partier wants to have cupcake ice-cream cones, apparently you bake the cupcakes in ice cream cones.  I have no idea how I'm going to do this so it will be an adventure all in itself, I've been looking for info online but it doesn't seem to be a popular topic – maybe I'm just a crazy Mom and will try almost anything for my kids.  I will be sure to let you know how it goes.

Luckily she wanted to have her party at the gymnastics club again this year which means no terrors in my house!!  Oh sorry, am I not suppose to be excited about that?!  It is the easiest party all you have to do is bring the cake, a table cloth, napkins, plates, cups and juice and they do the rest including entertaining the kids.  All I have left to do is get the goody bags all made up.  I remember back in the day at my parties, my Mom seriously must of been crazy, we were at home and decorated our goody bags and she stuffed them while we were playing – and we always had a good game of punchinella!!  Now people reply back by email or Facebook hard to think what else is going to happen with technology.

Wish me luck all I can do is try my best and hopefully the cupcakes don't light on fire or something.  Stay tuned the party takes place tomorrow morning!

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