Big Family Moves: How to Start Right Moving into a New Home


Moving your family can be a complicated thing, especially if you have young children. Your move could turn out better than planned, or it could be the worst experience of your life. Getting off on the right foot in your new home actually starts long before you get the keys. Here are some tips for how to start right moving into a new home.

Prepare Your Kids Ahead of Time
Change can be traumatic for kids, so it’s best if they have time to adjust to the idea of changing homes. Kids are typically hesitant and negative about leaving their current home, which is why it’s important to make the move sound fun and exciting. Be positive when you talk about your move, don’t just complain about all of the things you have to get done. Let your kids see your excitement. Make sure they understand what moving is. Help them know that all of their toys, their favorite blanket, their bed, their dresser, everything is coming with them and will go in the new house. Tell them about the moving truck, and make moving day sound exciting. If your kids approach the move from a positive stand point they’re more likely to adjust quickly to their new surroundings.

Pack Strategically for Quick Unpacking
There’s nothing worse than misplacing your exhausted child’s favorite sleep toy at bed time. Kids always act out more when their routines are messed up. Minimize these routine hiccups by packing strategically. Keep the boxes of kids’ stuff easily accessible in the moving truck. Then, unpack their things first so there’s as little disruption to their schedules as possible. Try to keep the same schedule even during moving days, as this will help them find some sense of normalcy even though so much is changing around them.

Research the Area for Quick Integration
Before you move, look up activities in the area in which your kids can participate. Look up school clubs or community activities, like dance classes, sports, swimming, etc. Create opportunities for them to make new friends so they don’t miss their old friends as much. Another great option is to ask your realtor, like someone at Century 21 Town & Country, for suggestions on local activities. Realtors are typically experts on their local communities and are sure to have some great suggestions for you.


While moving your family to a new situation can seem overwhelming, preparing ahead of time can drastically minimize the impact of your move on your family. Follow these tips to help your family get off on the right foot for your next move.

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