Beyond Physical Scars How a Dog Bite Can Permanently Change Your Life on a Psychological Level


There are many different ways in which an individual can be injured. One of the most devastating cases has to do with attacks from vicious dogs. The problems emanating from a dog bite are much bigger than they seem. The fact that dogs are many people’s favourite household pets does not rule out that they have been a cause for many injuries, especially among children. Statistics show that on average, close to 4 million cases are reported annually in most cases. Every other day there is always a case of a lethal dog bite. A dog bite does not only leave you scarred emotionally but also psychologically and emotionally wounded. If you have experienced a dog bite or you know someone who has encountered the ordeal, it is important that you seek the services rendered by personal injury lawyers.

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A bite from a dog can result in many eventualities; from endless hospital visits, excruciating physical pain, physical scarring to permanent emotional and psychological effects. We can all agree that such an encounter can be quite horrific. This is where personal injury lawyers come in. They help alleviate some of the stress that comes with the ordeal by way of educating you on some certain dog laws that exist in your state. This way, you are well aware of your rights, and therefore you stand a better chance of seeking justice for the neglect that led to that fatal dog bite. Before you file a case, it is important that you familiarize yourself with some certain facts. Get some detailed information on what you need to keep in mind when it comes to personal injury lawyers. In this article, we will focus on educating you on some things that you should not take for granted following the incident, and whether or not you are eligible for compensation of certain losses you incur.

  • What to do immediately after a dog bite
  • The dog owner responsibility
  • Exceptions to the law binding dog owners
  • Premises liability
  • How to gauge if injuries are severe enough to necessitate compensation
  • The need for personal injury lawyers services

Let us now look into a few more details in regards to the above points, just to clear the air In case anything is not clear. This will also provide you with very insightful tips on how to go about the incident and what you can do to ensure that you are on the right track towards healing physically, emotionally and psychologically.

1) What to do immediately after a dog bite

The very first thing after a dog bite is to seek immediate medical attention. This goes without saying. There is a range of catastrophic injuries related to dog bites; they include fractured bones, tissue damage, nerve damage, head injuries disfigurement and scarring just to mention a few. These injuries may either cause temporary or long-lasting injury. Scars as a result of a dog bite can take several months before they completely heal. In some instances, there is a need for cosmetic surgery. This healing process is not easy. Most victims end up traumatized given the horrifying nature of the attack, which necessitates therapy or counselling. All these procedures require a lot of finances. Personal injury lawyers help you seek the justice you deserve and their services can be very vital in assisting you to get the compensation for these medical expenses. Read more here.

2) The dog owner responsibility

The dog owner is responsible for ensuring that their dog is in control all the time and not running around all over the place. In the case where a dog causes injury to an individual in a public space, for instance, a public park or a property that is legally owned by a certain person, then the owner is civilly liable and can be held accountable for any bodily injury suffered by someone if the injury happened in such premises. Even though the dog did not show alarming behaviour prior to the incident the law in most nations states that the owner has civil liability to the third party. Personal injury lawyers are responsible for representing their clients in such cases to the best of their ability to see to it that justice prevails. You can get some more information on this point by visiting this link.

3) Exceptions to the law binding dog owners

In as much as the dog owner is responsible for the dog’s actions, it is not in all cases where he or she will be held liable. Some exceptions exist. For example, if the third party was trespassing the dog owner’s property, if the dog is a police or military dog on duty during the ordeal, if the injury happened while the dog was protecting the owner or somebody accompanying the owner from the injured person’s attack or if the incident happened as a result of the injured person harassing the dog.

4) Premises liability

Premises liability applies if the dog bite happens on a property that belongs to the dog owner and is not commercial. Also, if the attack happens in such property and the dog is on the property with the owner’s permission, the same applies.

5) How to gauge if injuries are severe enough to necessitate compensation

Basically, if the dog bite results in fractures, infections, intense scarring, surgery or any other fatality that requires medical attention, then you will most definitely be eligible to claim for compensation for the medical expenses incurred. Personal liability lawyers will come in handy in dealing with your case from beginning to end until your case is settled and you get the compensation you deserve. Get in touch with one on personal injury lawyer.

6) The need for personal injury lawyers services

Following a dog bite, very many things can go wrong in your life and it can even lead to depression if you do not get over the trauma, or if the case ended with you being treated unjustly. It is important that you find yourself a personal injury attorney. One who genuinely cares for your needs as their client. They will fight for you especially when it comes to the complications that come with attempts to seek reimbursement, especially from insurance companies.

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