Be A Better Version of You #zoneperfect


If you can remember way back to my New Year, New Challenge post you know that this year has been all about me, family and motivating others.  I can honestly say that the Zone Perfect Challenge has been a life changer for me because it has constantly reminded me to stop and ask myself if I'm being true to myself in any given moment.

Reflection Challenge with #zoneperfect

Be A Better Version of You #zoneperfect

Taking steps to be a healthier version of myself was simple, especially with the great swaps in my reflection challenge.  I found myself always looking for a way to make some of my favorite meals or beverages healthier and better for me.  For me this challenge has been all about making simple changes in my everyday life and looking forward to trying new things and thinking outside the normal expectations.   A few fun cooking swaps I'm loving are:

Zone Perfect Cooking Swaps

I find that setting myself up with a theme for the year followed by SMART goals is the best way to make anything possible.  Without an actual plan it is impossible to know where you're going.  Setting myself up for success each and every day while keeping my goals measurable is the key to being successful, happy and finding that balance we all strive for.  It is funny how simple things can actually be when we take a time out to evaluate what we actually want.

To renew my excitement and finish off the year strong I constantly remind myself to be a better version of me.  I'm not in competition with other super-Mom's out there I'm only in competition with myself and being a better version of me each and every moment.  By being true to myself and finding my own voice I am honoring myself each and every day to push on to bigger and better things.  You are enough!

How do you push yourself to be more?

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