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VIPRE Internet Security Review

Everybody who uses a Windows computer, need to use an antivirus program. Not because we want to, but because we have to. There is no other choice, because of one rule, safety first.


We have seen many people claim that they don't have any security software on their computers, and as a result, their computers are super speedy. They are not wrong about the performance impact, caused by antivirus, but it is a minimal sacrifice to keep your computer secure from viruses.

But let me tell you, that their logic is completely wrong. It is unwise to use a computer without an antivirus, let alone surf the Internet without proper security. It is like riding a motorcycle at high speed, without wearing protective headgear, i.e., a helmet. That's incredibly risky, and don't do it.

Imagine a scenario, where a Windows user, who does not have an antivirus on his computer, is using a modern browser to visit some websites. It can be a legitimate news website or download website. Now, one day the website gets attacked, and the ads on it are injected with some malicious code, aka malvertising. The user, when he clicks on the ad, runs the risk of getting his PC infected by the malware in the ad. Let's assume it does because there was no antivirus on the PC, no line of defense against the oncoming attack.

Now, imagine another user in the same scenario, with one exception. She had an antivirus on her computer, and this will save her PC from the attack. So, you see, a computer's security is a must have option, and not something that can be skipped, like some unaware users may lead you to believe.

Which antivirus is the best? This question is a difficult one to answer, but we think VIPRE Internet Security Pro will fit that bill. Here's why.

VIPRE Internet Security Pro has a simple GUI at first glance, but it is well designed and modern. The program has a nice light colored theme, with contrasting icons and tabs.

There are three tabs at the top of the VIPRE Internet Security Pro screen: MYVIPRE, Account and Manage.


The MYVIPRE tab is the primary part of the Vipre Internet Security Pro's interface. This section has a sidebar and a pane on the right.

The sidebar options are the Antivirus, Updates, and Firewall. Just below the Antivirus listing, are two statements, which mention when the last scan was run, and the time when the next scan will run, aka the next scheduled scan time.

Clicking on either of the three options in the MYVIPRE tab will take you to the Manage tab's screen.


The sidebar on the left of this tab here has the following options:

  • Antivirus
  • Updates
  • Email
  • Firewall
  • Privacy


Vipre Internet Security Pro's Antivirus section has a lot of advanced options. It houses the security program's quarantine, where the viruses and other malware are stored, to prevent them, from infecting the computer. You can delete items stored in the quarantine, or restore them if you are sure it was the result of a false positive reaction.

Then there is the Advanced Active Protection, which lets Vipre scan your computer, in real time. This includes an option to scan files when they are accessed. You can even customize this scanner to monitor only specific file formats.

The tab also lets you block potentially malicious applications, using Vipre's behavioral scanner, which scans active processes. If it finds some malicious action, it will unlock the process, i.e., the application in question, to prevent it from harming the PC.

There are two levels of Advanced Active Protection, Performance, which makes Vipre is fewer resources, at the cost of lower security. The other option, Most Secure, is the default option, and offers powerful security, at the cost of using more of your system resources.

You can set Vipre's scanner to analyze Archives, i,e, zip files, for viruses, though default does not enable this. There is an optional quite mode (sort of like a game mode or a do not disturb), which lets Vipre Internet Security, deal with threats, automatically, without notifying you about the detections.

The Web Filtering in Vipre can block websites which might be dangerous. You can, however, whitelist sites, which you are sure, are safe to visit, from the “Manage Allowed Websites,” option. Vipre has a “Handle Threats Automatically” option, which is enabled by default and deals with cleaning infected files, deleting them, quarantine them.

In case Vipre Internet Security misses a scheduled scan, maybe if your computer was off, or something, Don't worry. There is a setting called Catch Up Scan, which when enabled, will run a quick scan in the next possible opportunity, to compensate.

The Second Layer Scan is a very useful option because, when Vipre detects something in the quick scan, it will run a full scan, to make sure no other risks are present on the PC. This second layer of protection can be enabled from the antivirus tab.

Vipre has a Scan Removable Drives option, which is pre-enabled. This will protect the computer when you have plugged in a USB Memory Stick or External Hard Drive to the PC. The Exclude from Scans option, lets you whitelist files and programs from VIPRE's scanner, to help speed up scans, and to consume lesser resources, and also to avoid false positives.

Laptop users will find the Battery Saver option very useful because it allows VIPRE to delay updates and to skip scheduled scans to conserve the battery power. Vipre Internet Security Pro has a feature called, Edge Protection, which protects web browsers from online threats and exploits. It works with most modern browsers.

The Antivirus History is where you can see what Vipre's scanner detected recently. It also has an option, to automatically delete the History items after a selected period.


Vipre Internet Security Pro's Updates section ensures that the security suite is using the latest virus definitions, and allows you to set when updates are checked for.

Interestingly, Vipre can also analyze the third-party software, which you have installed on your computer, for exploits, and patches them securely, by installing the latest versions of the applications, automatically.

Similarly, it can also check for Windows updates to keep your computer secure. The ThreatNet Updates option in Vipre Internet Security Pro allows you to submit samples, aka files, to Vipre, to be scanned for malware. Newly discovered threats will be shared with other users to help protect them. This is an excellent way to combat zero-day attacks, also known as latest malware.


The Email section in Vipre Internet Security Pro provides high  Spam Filtering in email apps. It can also scan emails which you receive or send, for viruses, and if any are found, it is forwarded to the quarantine. There is also an Anti-Phishing option, which can keep you safe from scammers and identity thieves.


The Firewall section in Vipre Internet Security Pro, allows you to configure the two-way firewall in the program. It protects you from incoming and outgoing internet attacks.  You can, of course, customize it by whitelisting or blacklisting apps, using exception rules for the Firewall.

Additionally, it has an Intrusion Detection System which can protect your computer from attacks, within the same local network.


Vipre Internet Security Pro's Privacy section has tools which can be used to protect your personal information. The Social Watch option checks social network, such as your Facebook timeline, for malicious content. The Secure File Eraser can be used for deleting files securely, to prevent chances of recovering them. The History Cleaner deletes your browsing and searching history, to protect your privacy.


The Account tab in Vipre Internet Security Pro lets you, manage your product key, view the license validity, and access the help & support options.

Back to the main screen, MyVipre has the scanning options on the right side of the screen.

Vipre Internet Security Pro has three scan options:

  1. Full Scan
  2. Custom scan
  3. Quick Scan

The Full Scan is a complete scan, and as a result is the slowest of the three scan options. But it is the most thorough scan.


The custom scan, allows you to select only the files and folders, which you want Vipre to scan.

The quick scan option scans the most commonly targeted areas of the operating system, for malware. This is, of course, the fastest of the three scan types.

You can also schedule scans from this screen, to run at a time and date of your choosing.


The scan result which you see here was done on a virtual machine,  on a laptop which was under heavy multi-tasking. And still, the scan was speedy.

Vipre Internet Security Pro is easy to use, is light on resources, has a fast scanner and offers excellent protection against viruses and moe powerful malware. We can heartily recommend it for any user.

VIPRE products can be downloaded at the VIPRE website here. To find some good deals and save on VIPRE Antivirus, VIPRE Internet Security and VIPRE Internet Security Pro you can have a look here:

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