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Nomadic lifestyle has a lot of advantages but it can sometimes seem to make things harder. Even though you will be teaching your child about the world through travel, you may want them to learn regular scheduled subjects too. You don't need to stop educating your children while you travel as a family for long periods of time and with internet access pretty much everywhere, learning on the road is easier than ever. Here are some online tools that will help your kids learn and develop whilst you travel.

1 – Preply Online tutors

For those subjects that you want your kids to learn, but you’re just not that great at yourself, it’s a good idea to use online tutors. You can find one to one educators on Preply such as these math tutors online. Tutors on Preply offer expert knowledge and classes which vary according to the age and skill level of your children. Choose a tutor that is right for you for lessons at times convenient to fit in with your travel.

2 – E-learning for kids

This great website offers free learning on the internet which is accessible from anywhere and free of charge. E-learning for kids is a global, non – profit foundation offering fun and free learning online aimed at children between the ages of five and twelve. Classes and lessons include the subjects of maths, science, reading, IT and typing. Parents can also join the forums to discuss educating their kids and swap ideas and stories.

3 – Learn English Kids

This website by the British council is aimed at 5-12-year olds who want to have fun learning English. Children can learn in various different ways, there are online games, songs, stories, videos and plenty of activities to help the learning process. Kids can learn new vocabulary, practice writing, learn about grammar and practice reading all whilst travelling. The great thing about this website is that everything is done in fun and exciting ways. There’s also a parent’s section with advice how to help your child in the learning process.

4 – Make me a Genius

A free site for all ages that offers educational videos and games about science and the world. There are options for different grades and ages which are split up into topics and types of learning. There are videos, power points and even daily jokes to keep everyone entertained whilst learning in the process. You can also try the tests and quizzes to see how much the kids have learned and how much the adults know too. An easy way to learn about science whilst travelling.

5 – National Geographic Kids

This famous publication now for kids is the perfect accompaniment to a travelling family who are learning on the go. National Geographic Kids offers a wealth of information about travel, the environment, animals and history which will intrigue adults as well as the children. There are fun facts, learning resources, kid’s clubs and even games and competitions. There are free resources and also subscription to the magazines too depending on your budget.

6 – Learning whilst travelling

From a young age, children will soak up everything about their surroundings and with the right guidance will become well rounded young people. But when living a nomadic lifestyle with no set schooling you might need a helping hand when it come to certain subjects. That is where the internet and online learning resources comes in.


It has never been so easy to stay informed, keep the family educated and learn whilst travelling and exploring the world. There’s so much to see out there so why wait until the holidays and school on the go.

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