The Benefits of Insoles for your Shoes


Did you know that a considerable percentage of the populations could enjoy their lives better and avoid excessive foot pain with the correct insoles? It is a fact accepted by the medical community that over 70% of the population suffers from over pronation. Furthermore, plantar fasciitis is also a condition that 10% of Americans will endure at some point in their lives. Both of these conditions can be addressed with proper insoles.

The foot is a very important instrument for moving about and absorbs the weight of the body and contact with the floor by spreading shocks and impact through a specially designed system of bones, tendons and muscles. Reducing the friction between these important structural elements can make for a more comfortable walking experience, but there are some degenerative conditions that can adversely affect the foot.

These include:

–Plantar fasciitis

–Heel spurs

–Stress fractures

–High foot arches


–Flat feet

–Calluses and foot corns

Overpronation and supination

Most people will prefer the comfort that comes from the improved support from orthotic insoles. These insoles are designed for the specific needs of the user. They are the best solution to providing bespoke support as needed that can keep weight and strain properly distributed throughout the back, legs hips and joints. The application of orthotic foot gears as needed can aid the proper walking mechanisms of the body and avoid some of the discomfort that is natural when recovering from ankles, toes and knees that may have been damaged or injured.

How to Choose the Right Orthotic Insoles for Your Feet

Orthotic soles guide the foot to proper walking positioning be restricting movement. This is an especially important benefit to those who are suffering from conditions of the foot like a high arch or a flat foot. Conditions like this can develop over time or be genetically inherited from parents. The specialized support from an orthotic insole ensure the correct positioning of the foot and therefore keeps the feet and joints from further damage. With the properly designed insole for the conditions of the foot any natural support that is lacking can be substituted until the correction is properly corrected. This is especially important for those carrying extra weight or hoping to participate in athletic events.

Orthotic insoles such as these from Orthotic Shop can help to relieve the discomfort and pain associated with various foot conditions especially when the biodynamics are skewed or bodyweight is not properly supported by the frame. Sometimes a regular insole will be more than enough support to correct the issue, but for more specific conditions, a professional design can offer superior performance.

A visit to a podiatrist or a special sports therapist can provide a professional perspective on the gait and positioning of the body to reveal any muscular or skeletal incongruities that should be adjusted. Once the nature of the disbalance has been fully-understood, the proper insole can be created and the performance of the body greatly improved.

It may be possible to address many of these conditions with a focused effort to adjust the positioning of the body. Nevertheless, this can be a slow and very difficult process without a consistent professional perspective critique the very particular adjustments needed. With proper orthotics the movement and balance of the body are adjusted naturally without having to commit to walking or running exercise program.

Foot orthotics are designed with the specific needs of the individual foot in mind, so it is essential to have your specific conditions examined by a professional. If you are simply looking for better comfort in your walking gear, you will do just fine with a gel-padded insole. It is always preferred to purchase top-quality brand for this as they are less likely to cause foot problems after extended use.


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  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing information on insoles. I personally suffer from plantar fasciitis, and I would benefit for possibly getting some insoles for my shoes. I do know that wearing better support shoes helps. Thanks again.

  2. Ridley Fitzgerald on

    It’s good to know more about orthotic insoles. I love the fact that they restrict movements and force the foot to move properly. My feet have been aching for months, and nothing I do helps. I think I’ll have to get some of these insoles for me shoes.

  3. Hi Karen, it’s nice to know about your thoughts on inner sole. I am definitely going to use it to avoid foot pain products

  4. I find it cool when you said that wearing shoe insoles can help a person avoid getting a high arch or a flat foot. Reading this reminded me of my cousin, who regularly uses high heels a lot when she goes out to do freelancing or doing the groceries. I will book a session at a local foot clinic so that she can get her feet checked and get the right implement to keep it strong and healthy. Doing this will also help her keep up with her job and prevent it from getting injured too.

  5. Thanks for letting me know that orthotics are actually perfect for people who are suffering from a flat foot. This has been my sister’s struggle since she was a kid and never sought a specialist for it. I think it’s time for her to visit an orthopedist and see what kind of products can improve her mobility.

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