Before You Buy – How to Find a Reliable Basketball Goal


Before You Buy - How to Find a Reliable Basketball Goal

All basketball goals are basically the same thing. It basically consists of a backboard, a rim, and a supporting pole. Before you buy one, however, it is important to acquaint yourself with the differences there are in basketball goals in terms of size, price, and how they will improve a player’s skill.

Two types of basketball hoops

There are two types of basketball hoops: portable and the inground basketball system. The portable system is fitted with a base with wheels that is anchored to the ground with a heavy object like a sandbag. The portable basketball hoop can be moved relatively easy and stored indoors.

The inground basketball hoop is planted in the ground. It requires less space than the portable hoop, but you can’t move it if it is in the way. They are sturdier and are generally manufactured to withstand outdoor conditions.

Choose the correct size

For children, a 44” backboard can work perfectly but keep in mind that when they reach their teens, they will need a larger or regulation size backboard. If you like swinging from the rim after a dunk, make sure that you get a basketball goal that can support your weight or the backboard may break.

The goal height should be the correct height. According to regulations, the height must be a minimum of 7.5 feet to prevent run-ins and injuries. The height of rim itself can sometimes also be adjusted to meet players requirements.


If your kids are serious players, choose a backboard that is made from professional-grade tempered glass. Also, consider the materials and coating of other parts to make sure that your basketball goal withstands the test of time.


You get three different types of rims. The standard rim is the one you may typically find on an old municipal court. They have no breakaway system and aggressive dunking can cause the backboard to break or bend. If you simply want something to practice shots, a standard rim can work for you.

When you can see one or two springs on the rim, it’s called an exposed spring breakaway rim. These rims are quite bouncy. This type of rim is perfect for regular backyard hoop shooting.

Enclosed spring breakaway rims are the type of rims you find on professional courts. Their quality depends on the materials and manufacturing process. This is the type of rim professionals or serious players should be looking at.

Support poles

Support poles are available in three different designs: one-piece, two-piece, and three-piece. One-piece support poles are found in professional arenas as they are more stable. The more the pieces are that comprise the support pole, the less stable it will be. If you are looking for the sturdiest support pole possible, get the one-piece.

Hoop height adjustment

Check the specifications of the basketball goal you are considering to see the height adjustment range of the hoop. Most hoops can be adjusted from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. There are basketball hoops available that be adjusted to have a height outside this range.

Consider the adjustment mechanism as well. For earlier basketball hoops, you needed a stick of sorts to adjust the hoop height. Nowadays, basketball goal hoops are fitted with a crank that you can use and, in the case of cheaper options, you get a telescope system. With this system, you insert a bolt through the support poles to keep the hoop in the desired place.


There are many affordable, high-quality basketball goals out there. By knowing exactly what you need, comparing the specs of each one, and sticking to familiar brands, you will find a reliable basketball goal that will last forever and that will help improve players’ game.

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  1. Thanks a lot for this well detailled buying guide.

    Actually, Most of the buyers care most about the size of the backboard, but they forgot about the backboard material, which is very important factor in buying a good basketball hoop.

    As you mention in your article, tempered glass backboard is the best but it is too expensive. There are also two types of materials that are used in creating backboards which are : polyethylene and acrylic.

  2. I have always thought that all basketball goals are the same. Though it would be great to have a portable hoop, since we have limited space, we’re leaning towards getting an inground basketball hoop instead.

    Thank you for helping us choose the best basketball goal for our new home. Love this very detailed guide.

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