Bedroom Theme Ideas For Your Son


It’s the place where they gather with friends, the sanctuary where they listen to music and the enclave where they endure endless homework. So how do you create a truly great bedroom for the young man in your life? A bedroom should be a retreat, a haven from the bustle of the world, but for your son it should also be a space that can grow with him and reflect the stages of his life. Here are five great bedroom ideas designed to suit even the most discerning young gent.

5 Bedroom Theme Ideas For Your Son


Let your son’s imagination set sail with a fabulous nautical theme. You don’t have to build him a boat inspired bed to encapsulate this theme. Simply add nautical hints to the room. Start with something simple like a plain wooden bed available at furniture and work your way out from there, focusing on nautical themed décor and accessories. If he’s little, how about some sailing boat wall stickers and a mobile. If he’s older, reflect the theme through blue and white doona covers, a blue painted feature wall or even wallpaper that resembles the ocean.

Space Exploration

Some adhesive glow-in-the-dark stars are a great way to get the theme of space exploration underway. You can adhere them to the ceiling so he gazes at the universe at night. You could paint a black feature wall and apply star stickers to it. There are also awesome wall decals of planets and the solar system that can be added. Complete the theme with toy rocket ships for the littlies and space style accessories such as telescopes for the big boys.


Why not wallpaper one wall with an image of a city and then include some industrial styling in the bedroom? There’s some amazing picture wallpapers available on the internet that will help you hone the theme. If you can’t find a suitable image, paint a basic cityscape yourself, with skyscrapers at sunset as the skyline.

Mad About Music

This is a great theme for the older boy and can be easily and affordably delivered. Why not create a music inspired artwork using old vinyl records arranged on a wall? Refer to the theme with an old guitar in the corner as an ornament. You could even hang individual CDs from the ceiling at different lengths to create an interesting effect. For the smaller boys, stick musical notes and instrument stickers to the walls


There are few boys out there who aren’t inspired by aviation at some point in their growing lives. There is a host of ways to reflect this theme. Consider cloud wallpaper, airplane decals, airplane mobiles or airplane models. In an older boy’s room, tie in a funky spotlight styled lamp to complete the theme.

Ultimately any bedroom should be a reflection of the person residing in it, so if your son is old enough, include him in the planning and above all ensure it is a comfortable space.


Have you seen some fabulous styling ideas for boys’ rooms?

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