Basement Creative Animal Illustrations – Perfect for the Wee Ones!


I don't know about you but I really like looking on the crowd funding sites to see what is new and innovate out there on the market and needs investors.  Not saying I have a ton of money to pledge but just looking at the creativity behind the products sparks a lot of interest in me.  But back to what I wanted to share….

Basement Creative Animal Illustrations – perfect for the wee ones

So what is the project all about?

Until August 1, 2013 you can fund an amazing project! Basement Creative has been working hard on creating a database of original loveable creatures with an attitude. We want to bring them out of the basement and into the world, through beautiful prints and wrapping paper.

You can donate today by visiting the Indiegogo site: Basement Creative Animal Illustrations – perfect for the wee ones

Show your support today for this fun campaign!  One last thing I wanted to share my favorite images they have available in support of the SPCA:

This post is brought to you by Basement Creative

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