Bacterial Infection: How Parents Can Help Their Sick Child Feel Better


Bacterial Infection How Parents Can Help Their Sick Child Feel Better

When your child is ill with what looks like a bacterial infection, a visit to the doctor or health clinic is an important step toward feeling better. Being able to recognize and treat these types of infections may within your capability but getting them to the doctor for additional help is essential. Your child may need to receive a prescription for an antibiotic to help fight the infection. You can also take these actions to help your child feel comfortable as they recover from the illness.

Providing Fluids

When your child is not feeling well, they may not want to eat. It is important to ensure that your child does not get dehydrated, especially if their infection involves fluid loss through vomiting or diarrhea. Offer small sips of clear liquids such as water, oral rehydration drinks or chicken broth. Your child might enjoy a sugar-free ice pop, which may also provide relief from a fever.

Taking Your Child to a Health Clinic

Taking your child to a health clinic is a good idea if symptoms persist for more than a couple of days. Your child should also see a doctor if they are unable to keep fluids down. If your little one becomes lethargic, confused or develops new symptoms such as a rash, prompt medical evaluation and treatment will help to ensure a speedy recovery. Health clinics, like Premier Urgent Care Centers of California, Inc. can be a godsend when handling situations like these.

Creating a Comfortable Environment

Creating a comfortable environment for your child to rest will also help them to feel better. Set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature. Provide an extra blanket for your child to use as needed. Some extra pillows may also help. Place a clean, double-lined trash can near the bed or sofa for tissues or in case your child gets sick and cannot make it to the bathroom.

Offering Enjoyable Activities

If your child is up to it, offer some simple yet enjoyable activities. Some good options include a new or old favorite movie to watch, books to read or a new app for the iPad or smartphone. If your child enjoys art, offer a new pad of paper and some colored pencils or gel ink pens to use. These activities will help to pass the time as your child's body fights off the infection.

Allowing your child to get plenty of rest will help his or her body to fight the germs. Staying hydrated and taking medicine as prescribed by the health clinic will also aid your child's recovery. Providing your emotional support and working to make the environment comfortable, quiet and relaxed are all actions that you can take to help.


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