Back to School, Back to You!


For us it is back to school next week so that means back to finding you!  That's right I look forward to Cheyenne going back to school, Dustin might still be at home but I do feel like I'm getting a bit of a break, entertaining two kids all day is a lot of work.  I now have a greater appreciation for teachers!

I know I didn't do the check in from my last Task Thursday which was two weeks ago, have you all been working on something that has been slacking in the past two weeks?!  I know my patience have got a lot better but could still use a little improvement.

Now without much blabbing here is the video I whipped together for you this week, the lighting might be a bit dark but I'm trying to keep a low profile while the kids are still asleep!  It is truly my favorite part of the day when everyone is tucked in bed and I can take some time for me!

A quick recap:

1.  Get back to your regular routine this week!

2.  Set morning ground rules and reminders with you kids

3. Take advantage of the little breaks in the day to take care of you!  

I’d love to hear what I can help you with this week!

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