Are High Vet Bills Making You Sick As A Dog?


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We all want the best for our pets, but what do you if you can’t afford treatment? Vet bills can be a big expense for pet owners. Here are just a few ways to help bring down the cost.

Shop around for treatment

It’s likely that different clinics in your area will offer different rates. Shopping around for quotes could allow you to get the treatment you need for a more affordable price. Some clinics may also offer payment plans that allow you to pay in smaller instalments over a longer period of time. It’s worth noting that the most proficient vets will often charge higher rates as they may have a greater reputation and more resources to deal with your treatment plan. In such cases, it could be worth paying a little extra for treatment. You can also shop around for medicine online.

Research your options

A vet will often give you different options when it comes to treatment. Surgery can often be costly and may not be worthwhile in older pets, however there could be a cheaper option such as taking prescription medication or a natural pain reliever such as hemp dog treats. You should discuss the best options with your vet as certain methods of treatment may be riskier or not as effective. Specialist clinics may be able to offer different treatment options, but they will likely charge more for these procedures if they’re not as common.

Look out for pop-up vets

Pet trade fairs and charity events can sometimes run pop-up vet clinics. These can be great places for getting cheap treatments. Such pop-up clinics most likely won’t be able to do complex procedures, but may be able to do routine jobs like immunisations and neutering.

Use special lending options

There are loans out there and credit cards for medical expenses that don’t charge interest. These lending options could help to fund expensive treatment. That said, you should make sure that there aren’t any catches – credit cards may only come with 0% interest for a limited time.  Charities may also be able to pay for treatment in certain circumstances.

Consider pet insurance

Pet insurance can help to pay for expensive treatment, but sometimes you could end up paying more in pet insurance rates than you ever would have for treatment. Getting pet insurance out for an old animal generally isn’t worthwhile as they pose a greater risk. Certain dog breeds like pugs and Labradors may also be more prone to health problems, which can make these dogs more expensive to insure. It’s worth shopping around for pet insurance as different companies will charge different rates.

Check your bills

This may seem obvious, but a surprising amount of people don’t check their bills. Occasionally, billing mistakes will be made – your pet could be billed for treatment it never had, or a treatment could get billed twice by accident. Request an itemised bill so that you can check for these errors.


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