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In Ann Arbor, Michigan you need a roof that is built to withstand extreme heat, heavy wind and rain, sub-zero temperatures, and months of snowstorms.  A roofing company that uses the highest quality materials when repairing or replacing your home or business roof is a must.  Ann Arbor roofing contractors are roofing professionals that have been industry-trained and certified in using GAF and CertainTeed approved products and techniques.

A2roofing offers outstanding service and workmanship, combined with:

  • No-leak guarantee
  • Lifetime material and labor guarantee
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Fast service
  • Budget friendly


They will inspect the exterior of your Ann Arbor, Michigan roof and gutters for leaks, missing shingles, water damage, wind damage, defective flashing, ice dams, snow damage, ice damage, proper insulation and ventilation, and general wear and tear.  They will also assess the interior of your roof, checking for holes, sagging, buckling, and leaks.  The roofing technicians will provide you with the best solutions and options to meet your specific needs, along with a payment plan that fits within your budget.

Ann Arbor roofing contractors have you covered no matter what the situation!  If you need to file a homeowner’s claim due to a damaged roof, a2roofing will help you fill out, process, and expedite your claim form so you can receive reimbursement as soon as possible.  They've also has mastered the art of repairing or replacing residential and commercial roofs, and has it down to a science. That’s why in most cases we can complete your roofing project in one day, so your daily routine won’t be interrupted.

Being proactive is your best option.  If your roof is deteriorating, it will only lead to further damage, costs, and stress. Even if you’re not sure whether or not your roof needs maintenance have a2roofing inspect it with no obligation to purchase.  Their years of expertise, licensing, insurance and certifications make them the best choice to service your roofing needs in Ann Arbor.



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Ann Arbor Roofing Contractors

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