America The Great: The Country For A Foodie


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Ah, America the great. Sure, there is a little contention over that statement at the moment (#politics), but there are still plenty of things that make America great, not least the restaurant game. Don’t get us wrong, there are a few places we’ve eaten and decided that no amount of money could make us go back – no names being mentioned here – but there are others we have visited and left with that feeling of ‘Oh my God, I can die that much happier, right now’.

The best thing, though, is the diversity. That is what America is all about, and the food is a fantastic testament. Prices, styles, locations, infusions, ingredients, accessibility; it all factors in, which makes listing the best of the best quite a challenge.

Still, we’re going to try our best, because the other great thing America has to offer is itself. It is a land made for road-tripping across, for hopping around and enjoying staycations. So, whatever your reason, if you’re in one of the cities on our list, go as far out of your way as you have to because these restaurants have to be visited and the food enjoyed.

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Memphis, TN

If you’re in Memphis then you need to be prepared for one thing and one thing only and that is a choice of delicious restaurants. It is just one of those places. That’s why we have had to include two eateries to our list. The first is Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous, which has gained a reputation for being the best barbecue house in the state. It’s fast food that delivers big tastes. After all, you can’t go wrong with rice and beans. Please, please try the ribs. Next on the list is Gus’ Fried Chicken. This isn’t just for those who love Breaking Bad, it is for those who want to try the best fried chicken in America. There, we said it. The best fried chicken in America. Seriously, we will vouch for that.

Lake Oswego, OR

Another place spoiled by choice, from the stunning Amadeus Manor to Clarke’s restaurant, both of which have gained a great following of loyal diners. But if you were to ask any local where the best place to catch a bite is, well, the decision would be unanimous; Pine Shed. This place has everything for everyone, including a need to book ahead, which is fine, just visit here Barbecue options for even the most experienced of barbecue connoisseurs, chicken to die for, ribs, family dinners and even meats by the pound. It’s not just the food, though, it’s the atmosphere, the vibe, the service, just the everything.

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Richmond, VA

We’re aware that we’re only three restaurants in and we’re already heavy on the meat front, which is why this place deserves a mention because it can hold its own with the best of them. The Daily Kitchen And Bar, one of the best eateries anyone can visit, and one where you get to indulge in a mostly organic menu. From smoothies right through to sandwiches, it has everyone covered. But what is great about it is the fact it celebrates all things local. It’s all fine and well saying you’re a vegan because you care about the environment, but not when you consider your fruit and veg is flown from all corners of the earth. The next big thing is locally sourced foods, and that’s what this restaurant celebrates. So if you’re looking for a place to spend a sunny day and do your part for the world, head here.

San Francisco, CA

We have to have San Fran on the list of cities because it is one of our favorite metropolis’ in the whole country, and our favorite restaurant here is none other than The Old Siam Thai Restaurant. We love Thailand, and the local food there is like no other on the planet, which makes finding a decent Thai outside the border lines nigh on impossible. But this place is Ethan Hunt. It’s just so traditional; the menu, the service, the drinks, the ingredients, everything. So if it is Thai food you are craving then we suggest you drive or fly as far as you have to in order to bag yourself some of the best Thai dishes outside of Thailand.

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Miami, FL

When we went to Miami, we followed the advice of a very enthusiastic local who swore by this place being the best of the best when it comes to taste and, well, Little Bread did not disappoint. It specializes in Cuban inspired sandwiches, as you can see here Think the film Chef and then magnify your hopes and dreams of what the real thing could be like. It’s tasty, it’s filling, it’s cheap, and all of those ingredients make for a perfect lunchtime bite. We could also tell everything was made with special attention and care, and love is the best ingredient of all.


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  1. Thanks for all the restaurant recommendations. I hope to get to Memphis and try Charlie Vergos’ Rendezvous – it sounds delicious!

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