Amazing Toys That Will Keep The Kids Happy For Hours!


No matter the time of year, kids are brilliant at getting bored. I often think if boredom were an Olympic sport, my children would be gold medallists! For years, I have tried my best to keep them occupied and stop boredom set in, but it is in inevitable. I don’t know about you, but even if I can get a couple of hours of peace, I feel better. Over the years, I have figured out that the best policy is to find quality toys that have hours of fun.

Here are a few of the ones that will come in handy, especially over the holiday period.

Science Kit

I love a good science kit because it enthrals the kids as soon as they open the box. There are so many different aspects of a home science kit that it can take them half an hour to figure out what is going on! Then, when the bubbles and the gases start to fly, they just want to do it over and over. And, when the fun runs out, there is also something else that will catch their attention. All the while, they are keeping their brains active and learning something new. Now, that is my kind of science experiment!

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Caster Boards

Toys that get the kids out of the house are always a good thing from my point of view. The only thing is those sort of toys can be dangerous. I have a little boy, so things like skateboards are just too extreme at the minute. A great alternative, however, is a caster board. Caster boards are similar, but they have a bigger surface area, so they are easier to ride. Plus, there are plenty of different ones to choose from. In my opinion, the Razor Ripstik Air Pro is the one to buy. It is lighter, and it is built from a single piece of material, so kids can perform tricks quicker and easier.

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Toy Helicopter

The toy helicopter can be on the expensive side, depending on which one you buy. Still, they are worth the money for all the time you and the kids will spend playing with it. There is something about remote controlled drones that little boys in particular just cannot get enough of. Girls enjoy them too, so they cover all the bases. All you need to do is go to the local park and take off. Just make sure you don’t crash it on its first flight!


Remote Controlled Cars

Remote controlled cars are for all the little boys out there who want to be the next NASCAR champion. It is so simple, but so effective. Set it the track in the living room and race the cars around. Could it be more basic? Probably not, still the kids will sit in front of it for hours and while away the day. On a cold, wintery afternoon, that is exactly what every parent needs.

Your biggest friend, however, will always be the TV. Although you don’t want them to watch it all of the time, there is nothing wrong with an hour or two before and after dinner.

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