Always Be The Best You Can Ever Be


Life is a constant journey. In fact, if you were to listen to the Buddhist philosophy, the journey is what makes life worth it, as opposed to what you achieve. Nevertheless, your achievements do matter too, but they have a personal value. They paint for you the portrait of who you are and who you become. On the journey of your life, these achievements are milestones in your self-improvement path. If the journey matters for Buddhists, it’s because it’s the path that leads to a better you. Whether you become smarter or kinder, whether you learn new skills or new behavioral patterns, is up to you. For a lot of people, self-improvement is a mixture of fitness and professional competencies. While these are useful in life, they don’t hold the key to your happiness. You could be the CEO of a dream company and still feel miserable inside. Instead, it’s time to focus on becoming the best person you can be for yourself, not for your job, not for your neighbors, not for your family. The first lesson in self-improvement is that you are the catalyst.

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Give the girl in the mirror the chance to become the best she can be

Look after yourself

For a lot of individuals, the desire to improve begins with a realization on a sad morning in the mirror. You’re out of shape. You don’t recognize the person who’s looking back at you. In other words, it’s time to embrace healthy habits for good! As a rule of the thumb, you need to work with a combination of vitamins, water, and exercise to help fuel your body with the energy it needs to function. A healthy lifestyle takes a lot of effort to re-establish, but you will notice the differences in your fitness, concentration, and happiness levels very rapidly, and feel the inclination to improve in other areas.

Never stop improving

It’s not always easy to know what the right way is to correct your mistakes. Consequently, it’s not uncommon for people to rely on the best self development books to identify the cause of their problems and learn the solution for it. Whether it’s about learning to affirm your voice in the workplace or to fall asleep easily, the more you learn, the better equipped you are to amend your wrongdoing. Books also provide an inspirational source of motivation, as more often than not they take you through the journey of self-improvement of their author.

Help others to help yourself

Growing is about learning how to interact with others in the best possible way. Guess what? You don’t stop from growing throughout your life. Which means the way you handle those around you is constantly evolving. If you are looking for a way to become a better person, knowing how to give others the help they need to grow themselves is not only a generous gesture, but it’s also a sign of self-growth. The moment you’re able to go beyond your self-interests to build a development path for others, is a selfless lesson.

Find the right direction

Let’s be honest: you can’t grow if you don’t know in which direction you should evolve. That’s precisely why you should set goals, or milestones, to measure your evolution. Defining the objectives you want to reach can propel your forward and motivate you to do your best. Consequently, when you know where you’re going, you can transform an insurmountable mountain into a walkable road, or to put it in other words, the little goals before the big milestones give you the motivation you need.

To be your best you need to believe you can

So you’ve decided you’re going to become better, slimmer, stronger, healthier, etc. Anything that you want to achieve is only possible as a mixture of two main things: Firstly, you need to work on it. Secondly, you need to put your heart into it. Believing that you can achieve your objectives is the best way to achieve these. Of course, good faith only doesn’t do the work. But it helps to find in yourself the motivation to walk on your path of self-improvement.

What are your life’s priorities?

When you decide to improve yourself and become a better version of who you are, there’s an essential element that you need to take into consideration. It is, namely, the definition of your values, aka what priorities matter to you in life. For instance, if you place family above everything, the pursuit of a high responsibility career will not match your inner desires, and therefore not make you happy.

Being the best you can ever be is a never-ending journey. You are in the driver's seat of your self-improvement journey. Set the direction, know your values, and understand where to find the motivation and the inspiration to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

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