All Natural Handcrafted Soap from ShayBay


ShayBay Creative Designs is a new business that has some handcrafted soaps with NO chemicals or preservatives in them.

All Natural Soaps Made With Your Skin In Mind!


Our business philosophy is :  We believe it is imperative to try and satisfy a customers’ needs and concerns.  We believe if we take care of our customers’ right, they will return and keep shopping with us as well as share our company with their friends.  Word of mouth is a very powerful advertiser in today's market, with all the social media outlets.

Fun facts I found out about ShayBay:

  • Soaps are made in small batches for high quality control
  • Inexpensive
  • Husband and wife business

I had no idea you could get shampoo bars, I can't wait to try one out for the next time I fly somewhere – no more hassel at security!!


DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post, I have been paid to promote this link!

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