All About The Internet – Sunday Social Aug 26


I'm loving this Sunday Social series, this time it is all about the internet.  Its hard to think that our kids will never grow up not knowing the internet, the world is forever changing but for the better!  I do have to say sorry for being absent this week, I'm working on catching up it was really hard being at the hospital with my daugther with minimal internet, can you say anxiety attack?!  More about that later.

1. What is the first website you log on to each day?

After I check my email I would have to say I go to Facebook or Real Momma to check my stats!
2. Give us some funny websites you visit that we need to know about

I would have to say Ginger Blog Man and I don't have time for much else…

3. Pinterest or Facebook? Why?

Right now I would have to say Facebook but I am starting to like Pinterest.  Facebook because for the most part I know how to use it, I'm still a newbie in the pinterest world.

4. Twitter or Instagram? Why?

Twitter but only because I don't have an iPhone.


5. Favorite youtube video…post it!

Now that is a hard one, I would have to say the Ellen dance dares because they are way too funny and always good for a laugh or clips from one of those foreign game shows were contestants get the snot beaten out of them but keeping getting back up for more.


6. Biggest online pet peeve?

When people have retarded facebook posts and everyone is asking if they're ok or what happened and the person never says either way or says its nothing.  The other thing is not replying to emails in a prompt manner, I can't stand it but maybe because I am quick to respond for the most part, if I take a couple hours I feel bad, I can't imagine taking a couple days.


And that's a little about me, I'd love to hear from you!

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