A Quick And Easy At Home Guide To Better Fitness As A Mom


A Quick And Easy At Home Guide To Better Fitness As A MomSourced through Flickr

Are you fed up of feeling tired and lethargic? Do you wish to have more energy? Do you want to feel good on the inside and out? If you have answered yes to any of these questions then maybe it is time for you to begin your fitness journey. However, as a mom, it’s difficult to make exercise a high priority. It seems like we always have something else that needs to be done.

Taking exercise can do many things for your health and wellbeing. But it’s part of a long-term journey and should never be seen as a short-term fix.

There are however a few things you can do from home to kick start your new exercise routine.

Before you begin.

Check your current health situation.

How are you at the moment? Are you struggling with anything? It’s vital that you are capable of taking the exercise you have planned. If you have any concerns about your health, then it would be recommended to speak to your family doctor. You must be physically able to do the exercises you are planning otherwise you may cause any injuries or illness to get worse. If you have a problem that needs to be looked at considering Physical Therapy may help you to improve it. Meaning you can exercise fully once more.


Equipment and Clothing

So you can do the exercise, what next? It’s worth considering the type of equipment you need, if any, and clothing. If your desire is to bulk up muscle then investing in the correct weights would be a place to start. If you are beginning to run then a good pair of running shoes is a must.

Also, it’s worth looking at your diet and home setup.


At home exercising.

What’s your goal?

Next thing is to establish what you want to achieve? Do you hope to be able to run marathons? Or is it something a little less extreme and just being able to get up in the morning with some energy and a zest for life? Whatever it may be, have that goal, set it, and work towards it. Nothing happens to the people that just sit back and wait. You have to work for it, but it’s much easier knowing what you are working towards.

You now have all the tools to begin exercising. Now what?


Youtube Videos or DVD Workouts

We have a wealth of information at our fingertips, and things like YouTube has been a revelation. Exercise videos from workouts to yoga routines are regularly uploaded. Meaning a mom who is time poor should be able to fit 10 minutes into her day somewhere. The same would apply to a DVD. Just put it on when you have your chance and go for it.


Create the space

All you need is a bit of space so a lounge area or outside patio will be the perfect place to take some exercise.


Utilize the early morning or evenings.

Take every opportunity. If it means running at 6am when everyone is asleep go for it. If it means running in an evening when your partner gets home take that chance. It’s hard to get into a habit at first, but once you are in a routine, you won’t look back.


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